Quote search, a man and his dogs.
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Looking for a quote or passage about the dogs a man has throughout his lifetime... help pull this mental sliver for me.

No idea where, when or in what form but I recall hearing/reading a short quote along the lines of:

"A man has four dogs throughout his life. The first is the one that teaches you, the second you train, the third you hunt and the fourth buries you." (heavily paraphrased I'm sure)

Please help me find the full quote and attribution. Can't seem to get Google to cooperate.
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It may be a reach, but I can't help but wonder if what you're looking for is related to the Winnebago folklore tale, The Old Man and His Four Dogs.

And there's elements in common with the poem, He Told Me This.

But that's as close as I can get -- maybe these will give someone else a useful hint to solve this.
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Thanks for the reply. I had found those as well through Google but none are what I remember. I'm starting to think I made it up and should write it down. :)
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