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Please give me lots of word-play and puns that are associated with bells.

I direct a church handbell choir, and we're about to embark on a fundraising/recruitment drive. I plan on both writing letters and standing up in church to make appeals (get it? ap-peals).

Our congregation is a very literate one, near Harvard University, and they love a good play on words, so I need lots of jokes and puns about bells and all the things associated with bells.


(Standing in church) Hello, I'm your ringleader. (Pointing to choir) and these are my ringbearers.
Nice bellweather we're having!
Without your help, we'll be (w)ringing our hands.
Have we ever toll-ed you how valuable your support is?
(Holding up glass jar) We'll keep the money in this bell jar.
Give yourselves a clap(per) on the back for helping us.
One must ask, for whom the bell totals. (They like classic, well-known literary references)

You get the idea. Throw me everything you've got.
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Bell of the ball?
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Help move the choir and all its clangors on.
If handbells are rung, I don't want to be right.
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Don't write letters. Write bell(es)-lettres.

It's pretty hard to think of specific puns for someone else's situation; it's like trying to pick out someone else's clothes. I'll keep thinking though.
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What's brown and sounds like a bell?

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Play with my ding-a-ling. (there's a song from ~1973)
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For the statistics professors, you can make bell curve jokes.
Being in Boston, a joke about the re-Bell-ion against the British?
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Now if any of this rings a bell for you...
It's a dead ringer for...
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A bell is a cup until it's struck.
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Free association:

Bats in the belfry
Alexander Graham Bell
Bela Lugosi
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...if I could just chime in here to say...
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To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells -
From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells

Gotta love Poe.
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Response by poster: I love you guys. Keep them coming.
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All of this sounds like a bunch of bell-ologna!
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Bell-ogna even (I had to sing the Oscar Meyer Wiener song in my head to remember how to spell bologna).
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Be there with bells on?
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This will really have a Big Ben-efit to our congregation.
I hope these updates aren't becoming too bo-ring, but I'd like to carillon just a bit longer.
Lately I've been spending more time thinking about bells than Quasimodo.
Making a donation is a lot more rewarding than investing in pork-bell-ies!
I don't want to resort to jingle-ism, but...
We're so crazy about Bell-as, you'd think we were Team Edward.
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We ring changes, you bring your spare change.
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If you have any questions, feel free to give me a jingle - I'm the resident bellboy.
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Ask not for whom the handbells toll. They toll for thee and thy contributions.
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"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." Won't you help us ring some bells for all those poor wingless angels?

We hope to make some bellissima music.

Got any members from Belmont? There's got to be a joke in Belmont. Ah, I have it: "You don't have to be a Bell-mont millionaire to support us!"
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the Fresh Prince of Bell Air
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Come payday, think of the words of Plato: si vis pacem, para bellum. Rendered loosely: "See this paycheck? It's for bells."
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It's chime for you to help out... (or chime time)

If you like it, put a ring on it.

Fundraising, door-to-doorbell...

Clangs, not gangs.

Give us a tinkle...

Support out bellringers, before they develop hunchbacks...

Help our Bells keep their Liberty... (no cracks please)

Please don't gong me...

(I'm not going to even start the possibilities with 'ding' and 'dong')
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Don't clang to your money so hard that you can't support us. I hear the jingle in your pocket. Not a vesper, but a shout-out. It would be a tocsin not to contribute. It's a jangle out there. Let us knell in prayer...

Maybe someone can come up with puns for these:

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"Carillon, my wayward son..."
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Who doesn't want to contribute to more heavy metal music in church?
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Something something "one true ring"?
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"Your support would make un-BELL-ievable difference."
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