Fast, Interactive Tcl Graphs
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I'm looking for a good, simple plotting package.

Here are the requirements:

- Tcl/Tk bindings and embeddable in same
- ability to make interactive graphs (i.e. not just images)
- able to handle large data volumes (1e6 points in a scatter graph, say)
- not super complicated

Here are some examples of things that don't fit.

gnuplot: fails on interactivity and embeddability
VTK: fails on not super-complicated
BLT/RBC: fails on able to handle large data volumes
Several others: fail on Tcl/Tk bindings

I think VTK probably does exactly what I need, but the 2D charting is extremely poorly documented. There's 2 pages in a wiki, basically. All the other docs are just a massive class diagram dump that's impossible to learn from. Is there another Tcl-enabled, hardware accelerated graphing package out there that I'm too search-fu-weak to find?
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Oh I forgot to put plplot among the failures. It's a very old project (80s era) that very recently had interactivity tacked on in one mode but they haven't documented it at all. Already not very promising but I also couldn't get simple test programs to work right.
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ggplot2 in R?
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I also suggest R. If you're learning it from scratch, ggplot2 is probably the way to go, but I've always been able to make nice looking stuff using the base graphics.
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Yeah was gonna say... there's a tcltk2 package in CRAN, have you looked at R as your solution?

On a side note: people still use Tcl/Tk? Not trying to be a jerk, just curious where this language is still used.
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So...I'm embedding R in my Tcl and then calling R's plotting functions? Or do I have to do everything in R and it calls out to Tcl or what?

people still use Tcl/Tk?

It's a fairly active community but IMO is kind of losing steam because of things like my problem here. Too many itches, not enough scratchers.

It's a pretty nice language, actually. It has problems, but imagine a combination of Lisp and shell script.
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R Tcl/Tk Interface
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I'll take a deeper look, but on the surface this looks backwards. This is a way to run Tcl from R. I can't run my application inside of R.
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Oh in college I used to use Tcl/Tk to manage a twiki; I don't miss it.

I agree, the Tcl/Tk examples linked don't answer your question. What you CAN do is programmatically generate an R script, invoke R from Tcl and pipe the script in. That may be your best bet. With the Tcl/Tk interface linked before you can also generate a consistent interface by piping in the necessary GUI elements. Not sure if this helps... seems like duct tape.
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