DVD recommendation: like "Le Merle" but Region 2?
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I'm looking for DVD recommendations - collections of films similar to "Le Merle" but available in Region 2...

I found that "Le Merle" has the delightful effect of sending our 2 year-old to a happy place called sleep as well as being a great example of abstract film.

However, it costs a fortune to buy in the UK and is only Region 1.

I suspect other abstract films with nice gentle music would do the trick too, as well as being fun to watch, so can anyone recommend something like that?

Seems churlish of the Canadian Film Board not to release this stuff in a UK-friendly format... ;)
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The National Film Board of Canada is anything but churlish! They have posted a HUGE number of Norman McLaren's - and many, many other - films online for free!

Not exactly what you asked, but this may help, nevertheless.
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Hmmm... this was not exactly the response I was looking for.

I wasn't seriously suggesting Canadian Film Board is churlish - as evinced I hope by the ;) sheesh!

Any actual recommendations of similar stuff I can watch with my toddler in Region 2 before I mark this as (unsatisfactorily) closed?
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