What are some songs like Fanfarlo's Good Morning Midnight?
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What are some songs like Fanfarlo's Good Morning Midnight?

Song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-O1cOTLtZ4

I love this song but it's only 90 seconds long and I'm desperate for more. I like the rest of Fanfarlo's stuff but no where near as much as this particular song.
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What is it about that song you like, relative to other Fanfarlo songs?

The Antlers have much of the mood and washing synth lines of that song. Try "French Exit" or "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" from Burst Apart.

You might like the Low Anthem, with some of the rustic instrumentation and full arrangements. "To Ohio" or "I'll Take Out Your Ashes" might work.

Also in that folk-oriented vein would be Bowerbirds. Check out "In Our Talons".

You might consider Shearwater, though they tend to soar bigger. The album Rook might be a good place to start exploring their music.
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seems very similar in feel to Sigur Ros to me. I'd check out their album "Med Sud I Eyrum Vid". I'd also recommend Cloud Cult's "Light Chasers" for that kind of intimate, experimental sound.
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It's more electronica than Fanfarlo, but I was reminded a bit of Trentemoller's "Miss You".
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