heh. no one came to my yard sale.
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I need to find an ebay broker in the St. Louis area. I've only come across ridyourstuff.com and there's something a little too Fisher-Price about their website to make me take them seriously. Googling is just spitting back listings of people selling sports event tickets.
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Have a look at The Selling Block.

I can't vouch for them on the selling end, but I can say that they're quite reasonable people to deal with if you're buying from them.
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iSold It seems pretty legit, and has decent strip-mall storefronts to drop your stuff off at. They seem to have locations in O'Fallon, MO and Wildwood; perhaps a bit too far out west if you're in St. Louis proper. They seem to have LOTS more locations coming soon to the area, though.
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There's one in the Old Orchard area of Webster, I don't remember the name, though.
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Have you considered using the services of an eBay trading assistant?
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I live in St. Louis. What exactly is an eBay broker? Maybe I can do it for you.
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There's an ebay shop in Olivette on the north side of Olive somewhere near 170. It's just east of Nobu Japanese Restaurant. Looks like it's a TV or AC repair shop that also does Ebay listings.
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