Seamless syncing suggestions?
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How to sync my iPad/Outlook calendar to my Blackberry? Bonus points for WiFi or Bluetooth options.

I don't have a dataplan for my Blackberry 8320, although I can grab WiFi on it with no problem. I bought it merely to quickly calendar court dates, which is a pretty important task when I'm carrying a dozen files to court at any given time -- for all the niftyness of my iPad, its calendar is a dinosaur, thanks to those annoying scrolling minutes/hours/days. I used to simply plug the phone in to my computer with Blackberry's desktop software, but the software bugged out on me a few weeks ago and it now causes an error every time I sync.

I've read some suggestions about jailbreaking my iPad so it talks to the Blackberry through WiFi. I'm willing to do that if necessary, if it would actually work. I'm open to anything, but would prefer a solution with no wires. Oh, and I'm using Google's calendar sync program as well, if that adds any solutions.
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Can you still get internet on the BlackBerry? Can you just add the same account you're using on the iPad?
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I can get the Web on the phone, but not fast enough to use it to calendar live. My lack of dataplan seems to prevent me from installing apps on my Blackberry, so i'm unsure how i would have Blackberry's calendar talk to the phone browser version of Google calendar.
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Since you want to sync a Google account, go to their mobile sync site here to see if your phone is supported.
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On your phone's browser, that is.
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I helped a friend keep her calendar synced with iCal by having her move everything to Google Calendar. iCal on desktop or iOS subscribes just fine to Gcal, with two-way syncing, and you can (or used to be able to) do two-way sync from Gcal to Blackberry (directions were found on the Google Help site for mobile account access).
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