How can I keep my Google results from becoming awful?
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How can I block certain sites from Google search results while preventing Google from tailoring search results just for me?

I've noticed that over time, my Google search results worsen and relevant links start dropping to the bottom while the noise comes to the top. I have to delete my cookies to resolve this, or log out.

This is probably related to the fact that I have "Use Personal Results" enabled, but I also need this in order to block unwanted results, like Yahoo answers.

How can I have both? I don't want Google to tailor my search results just for me, except for removing sites that I have added to the block list.

And I would rather not delete cookies often or log out just to search. I'd rather sift through Yahoo and Wiki Answer results if that is my only option. Plugins are acceptable. (I use Chrome)
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I believe what you are looking for it right here:
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How are you removing yahoo answers? Google's "manage blocked sites" page doesn't do anything for me, and I don't get an option to turn on or off "personal results."
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I have also paused my Web History and it has been empty for a very long time.
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Google tracks your searches and builds a profile on you by monitoring the sites you search for and visit. You can use other search engines like StartPage.

Yahoo and Bing will do the same thing as Google you have to use one that doesn't track your IP address.

Also I think using Chromes Incognito mode works for this too (Shift+Ctrl+N)
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Personal Blocklist (by Google)
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I use Google Domain Blocker (Greasemonkey script) to block domains I don't want to see results from.
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How are you removing yahoo answers? Google's "manage blocked sites" page doesn't do anything for me, and I don't get an option to turn on or off "personal results."

You should be able to enable/disable personal results if you're logged on by clicking the buttons near the top right, near the Safesearch button. (screenshot) There's also a section in the Search Settings for enabling/disabling personal results.

Personal Blocklist (by Google)

Looks like this requires "Use Personal Results" to be enabled, so this won't work.

The Greasemonkey script looks promising. Thanks.
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I think I am doing what you want in a roundabout way. I have a gmail account that is my primary email account, but I do not want to be tracked or the personalized results, etc. I also have a $10 year Google Apps personal domain. I set up an account in that domain to use just for things like search, for google maps, and any oth service where I feel they are compiling personal data. I log into that account in a different browser than the browser I am logged into my gmail account. For example, I use Chrome for my Gmail and Firefox for my search domain. Paranoid that I am, I will, about every 3 or 4 months, delete the search account from my domain and open a new account.

This way. I let them keep a search history on a non existent person that does not use any other google service other than search and maps and I can block specific domains from showing up in the results. I don't get email at that account, I am not signed up for Google+ or any other bs social service. Nothing links to it.

This maybe FUBAR, and not what you are looking for, but it is worth considering.
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I'm not sure about this, but perhaps Do Not Track Plus?
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