But I like reading email on my touch
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4th gen iPod Touch can't get email (gmail) anymore. Why?

I have my iPod touch set up to fetch my email from gmail using the "Mail" app (comes with iOS). Yesterday it stopped, giving me the error "The mail server 'imap.gmail.com' is not responding".

I have deleted and readded the account twice. I restored it to factory and installed an old backup (only a couple days old) from before the problem. No luck. I tried to do the unlock gmail captcha thing, but that hasn't worked. I don't even get a captcha. I've tried every thinghere with no luck.

Anyone else having this issue? Any other suggestions for fixing it? Will
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.... use the Gmail app?
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Did you by any chance turn on two-step login verification for your Gmail account?
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(if you did, that would keep your mail from downloading until you then configure permissions for the Mail app).
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Response by poster: the gmail app works, but I prefer to use the built in mail app. I have not turned on 2 factor Authentication. I didn't make any changes. It just stopped working yesterday.
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Are you using a wifi network? If so. Could be a DNS issue on that network. Switch to mobile-data and try again.

There's a reset procedure for flushing the phone's, DNS, too, but I'm not sure what else it resets, so I can't recommend it.
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Set up your gmail account using the Microsoft Exchange option. I know, it doesn't make sense, but there it is. Here's how.
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Have you tried other wireless networks? I've had the same issue on my ipod for wahtever reason.
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Seconding the above. Use gmail exchange. I've used it for years, the push is superior
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Response by poster: I'll try the exchange option. I haven't had the opportunity to try another wireless network. Hopefully I can do that this weekend. In the meantime I have my nexus 7 to use to check email. thanks for your help.
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Could this be your problem?

Some Experiencing Issues With Gmail on iOS Devices, Google Working on Fix.
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Response by poster: Alms, it very well might be. I did search the other day and nothing showed up. But my Google Fu may be weak.
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