Recommend me a website for movies, books, and TV shows.
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Is there a website for movies? I want something that allows me to keep track of what I've watched (really, any media tracking website)

I want to keep track of the movies (and books/TV shows, but mostly movies) I watch style.

So far, I've found and it looks interesting. I remember using another movie tracking website that listed a bunch of movies and asked if I'd seen them or want to see them, but I can't remember what it was.

On the book front, I have and Other recommendations are appreciated!

I haven't found anything as far as TV trackers. I used this Android app for a while, but I didn't like it.

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You've got the two good book ones. I see a lot of people using GetGlue which is more of a foursquare setup where you "check in" to various tv shows. I don't know what its utility is if you're watching stuff time-shifted and I'll be interested to see what is available for movies.
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Best answer: I'm trying Letterboxd but so far it's buggy as hell. (Example, I never gotten the Activity page to load. ) It does seem to have TV shows as dvd collections. (I mostly track my movies on librarything still, but it's not a perfect fit.)
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Best answer: Letterboxd. Not sure if they still demand invites; MeMail me if they do and you want one.
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(and complaining worked, my Activity page just loaded. Less buggy than I thought!)
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I do this on Netflix.

A few years ago this would have been a good idea. Sadly Netflix has been slowly shutting down its social features, so the other suggestions are a better bet.

Also, I've stopped scrobbling and such and I just post about movies on my twitter and facebook page, which is always an option.
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TinRedRum is gorgeous but not very popular and I feel uncertain about its future. MUBI seems more stable but also more noisy.

I think it would be reasonable to create a Twitter account for your media consumption, but that may not fit your needs.
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I use the voting history for movies and sometimes for series and books.
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I suggest for tracking current TV-Shows
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