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Audio-visual help, please: I need a camera/monitor setup that allows me to film things, show that footage live on a screen as it's shot, and record that same footage as clips that I can quickly share later.

I teach a class where:
We film one student demonstrating an activity, on-camera.
We stream a live-feed of them on a TV for the rest of the class to watch in real-time.
At the same time, we also record all the footage in clips.
Later I need to share the clips, either by email or Vimeo or some other hassle-free way.

I've tried two ways to stream/capture this footage; each has pros and cons. Is there a happy medium?

Shooting with an HD Palmcorder makes it easy to put the feed onscreen in class- I just connect the camera to the TV. But later, ingesting the footage from the camera (say 40 x 3min clips) is very time-consuming. I ingest them from the camera (this takes hours), then save them as Quicktime files and upload them to Vimeo. Total time for 15 minutes' worth of footage can be as long as 2 hours!

Shooting on an iPhone makes it very quick and easy to ingest & share footage later. But I don't know if it's possible to get the footage on a big screen in real-time while recording. Can the iPhone connect to a TV so the iPhone camera feed shows on the TV in real-time?

In general, can you suggest any other quick & easy ways to record clips at the same time as they're streamed on a screen, that also makes it quick & easy to share the clips later?

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How about shooting with both? Use the Palmcorder to output to the monitor, than upload from the Iphone to Vimeo or whatever in Quicktime.
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What about live-streaming services such as Spreecast or Ustream?
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