Golf Tourney Watching Tips
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Heading to my first ever professional golf tournament on Saturday (PGA Championship). Other than the obvious (no pictures, etc). What should I expect? DO you have tips?
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A few thoughts:
Hat and sunscreen, seriously.
Unless you really have a favorite player, you're better off going early, staking a spot, and staying there. It'll feel different and like you'll miss a lot, but it's much easier than trying to walk the course to see lots of stuff, and you'll end up seeing more anyway.
Don't be the guy yelling Go Tiger or whatever.
Food will take forever and be very expensive. Plan not to eat between 11-2 to avoid the lines.
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It may help to clarify what you're hoping to get out of being there and how hardcore of a PGA fan you are. I've been to two tourneys (one was a major), but both times I went for free and I'm not much of a golf fan, so that probably colored my experience a bit. If you're looking for the ultimate fan experience, other folks' advice is probably better suited for you.

If you think you'll want/need one (and check the rules to see what's permitted), bring your own favorite camping chair/stool unless you're looking to get in as early as possible to stake out a bleacher seat and stay there all day.

Also, I've been to a *ton* of sporting events of various stripes, and (again, with the caveat that I'm not a big golf guy) I found a lot of the hardcore golf folks to be the most serious, humorless, sergeant-like people around. So, I tended to just walk around and stay away from the tee boxes and greens. That doesn't mean you don't need to be aware, though (although I was fairly out of the way, I had to dodge a bouncing errant shot from David Duval).
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I have attended several US Opens and two other tourneys. I agree with tau_ceti that I would get there early pick a hole and camp out there. I was on the 15th tee box at Shinicock and saw every player come through and drive. We were front row and heard every thing these guys said to each other, to their caddies and in some cases to the crowd. Some of the players will chat and some tell jokes and some give you the evil eye if you even cough. My brother, not knowing I was there, picked me out in the crowd in a Golf Magazine photo.

If you go with three, two guys can hold the spots while the other pees and buys refills. Hat! Lotion! Sharpie just in case.
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Please don't yell "GET IN THE HOLE!" after a putt Just don't be that guy.
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I came here to say exactly what BurntHombre said. I would only add that you should mute your cell phone, or leave it in the car.
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If you're going to be on the move (i.e., you don't take the advice above), make sure to be aware of what's going on around you. You could be watching one hole and talking to a friend and 10' away on the other fairway a player will be standing over the ball.
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you should mute your cell phone, or leave it in the car

When I went to the Byron Nelson, they had a group of folks at the front gate asking everyone if they had a cell phone, which they then confiscated and put in a plastic bag in a check-locker that you could pick up after you left. So, yeah, leave your cell phone behind.

And, sunscreen. More than you have ever thought you needed before.
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