I need rain boots that look good and feel good
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Any recommendations for rain boots that look good while not killing my feet?

I am looking for a pair of rain boots that will look good with jeans or a skirt. I'll be manning a booth at the Brimfield Antique Show at the beginning of September and may end up wearing them for 7 days, so they also need to be very comfortable.

I prefer black, and like them to be slightly fitted, especially through the ankle. I want a bit of a heel, even if it's a lug sole and I'd rather they are uninsulated.

Some examples of what I like are:

Steve Madden


Le Chameau

I realize that Zappos has lots of reviews/ratings addressing these issues, but I'd love to hear from others.

Thank you!
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My wife's Hunter Originals are some of the most comfortable shoes she owns. YMMV, but I'd definitely buy those over Steve Madden junk.
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I'm a guy, so I can't speak to rain boots with heels, but the GF got me Hunter rain boots for my birthday two years ago (we live by the ocean and playing in the water when it is cold out is fun, plus it floods often) and I love them. Super comfortable, no problems with feet smelling after spending all day in rubber boots, they are fantastic.
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I love Keens. To me they are just the most comfortable shoes being made. I wear these as my work boots and they are amazingly comfortable (I have worn a lot of terrible rubber boots in streams). If those are not pretty enough, Keen also makes these which are very pretty.
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Aigle boots, though pricey, are amazing. I got a pair of the Miss Juliette boots a few years ago and I will probably get 15 more years of wear out of them. And this is having worn them in NYC winters as snow boots as well as spring rains. They are tough and cute.
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Forgot to mention that the requirements that you listed were mine as well, which is why I decided on the Miss Juliettes. They fit narrow (unlike floppy Hunter boots) and have a small heel. Perfect match, sounds like.
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The Hunter are comfortable and durable. Agree with greta simone that they're best for B/C width; if you're an AA, A, or even on the narrow side of B, they may be too wide.

If money is no object, Aquatalia boots are amazing. I once scored a pair for 75% off at the late lamented Filene's Basement, and they were the greatest boots I ever owned. If I ever get rich, they will be my boot of choice.
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I have a pair of Hunter Originals and they are supremely comfortable, but definitely looser than your described ideal. I do own a pair of fleece wellie socks as I use them as snow boots when my commute requires it; they are wide enough to accomodate that fleece as well as socks. Some of their lace-up designs might be more to your taste though, as they do have more fashionable ones with a heel and tighter fits.

I would not buy a cheap rainboot like Steve Madden. They are more likely to split and burst and the rubber will be less comfortable to stand around it. I've had my Hunters for nearly three years and they're in fantastic shape, despite many, many miles of walking.
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You should look into rubber equestrian boots— either new production like Aigle or hunt around in secondhand stores. I picked up a pair of vintage ones for my lady friend in Shoreditch for £20 or so.
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I'm from Canada, and I'm super happy with the rainboots I got from Kamik (www.kamik.com). They're sturdy and comfy so long as you wear wooly socks with them. Not sure if you can get them outside of Canada though, Zappos maybe?
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I somehow found a (new) pair of Le Chameau Lady Vierzon boots for $50 and they fit the bill (fitted, uninsulated, comfortable, black) and were pretty amazing for snow shoveling, even. (But they are also nice enough to wear with a skirt.) If you have smaller frame, the narrower calf (and ankle) will be more flattering and comfortable than Hunters. (If you're beefier, this will be a problem--it's one of the bigger complaints on online reviews.)
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