Last one in the clay ball room is a 썩은 달걀
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Are there any Korean-style spas in Minnesota? In the Midwest?

While visiting family in the DC area, I was taken here for the first time (please MeMail me for a complete review). In general, I thought it was fantastic, and if there was such a facility where I live, I would be visiting on a regular basis, but that all my google-fu has gotten me (once I adjusted to avoid bogus "Asian massage" type results, which is NOT what I'm looking for) is the locations of similar places on other coasts. Does such a thing exist out here, or do I need to be saving up for my next visit out east?
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Unless I've missed something, that just looks like a first-class, full-service spa facility/resort. You don't need to go East for one of those... though you may need to go to Chicago. Upscale hotels frequently have something along these lines, though it may not be 24/7.
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Sorry not sure about Minnesota.

Living in Indianapolis, I looked for the closest bathhouse myself a few months ago. I found a few in Chicago but mostly oriented for men. Seems that Chicago only has one bathhouse with women facilities, but you may want to take a look at these places. (Mind you.. some may be more Turkish-type bathhouses rather than Korean) But check out the reviews, they are really good.
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We have something sort of like that in Atlanta, JeJu Sauna.

Here is one in Niles, IL.

Here's a neat sauna finder, SaunaScape. There's some funky script on that site, but perhaps you can find something that will work for you.
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I have heard good things about the one Ruthless Bunny recommended in Niles.
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I was coming here to say I had heard good things about King Spa in Niles, IL, but it looks like I'm not the only one to have heard about it!

It seems like the magic term you want for Google is "jjimjilbang" - though the first relevant result on "jjimjilbang minnesota" is a link to King Spa in Niles.
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There's the King's Spa in Chicago. I've heard good things about it, but I've never been. It's Korean-style. Sorry, I don't know of anything closer to you.
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As luck would have it, a friend of mine just went to the King's Spa today and seemed to loooove it. Here's her description.

Man, now I want to go.
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