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Looking for the best new and old yoga music!

I have a yoga instructor who played a selection of awesome modern music during the yoga classes, some of it was very yoga-ish and sort of quiet rock/New Age and some of it was just other relaxing music. She refuses to reveal the sources of her fantastic playlist. Can you help me try to find some similarly awesome (or maybe even the same) music to listen to when I do yoga at home?

My very favorite song she used had the melody of Coldplay's "Paradise", but had a different singer and words.

I've seen this question but it's 5 years old, and I suspect much other great music has been made in the meantime.
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My wife listens to Based on a True Story by Fat Freddy's Drop when she practices yoga.
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In my practice, I listen to a lot of stuff that I think I'd be embarrassed to admit to my audiophile friends, but I like it for yoga. It's pretty yoga-ish. It's a lot of modern kirtan type music. So if you're into that, I like:

Jai Uttal
Bhagavan Das
Snatam Kaur
Uma Reed
Krishna Das
David Garrigues

Sometimes I'm not feeling the Om Namah Shivaya music so much, and I like to listen to things like Bat for Lashes, Imogen Heap, Mason Bates, and other more pop-rock-ish/electronica/ambient type things. I'll come back if I think of more.
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I should mention actually that if you like kirtan, one album by Bhagavan Das I really like quite a bit is Golden Voice.
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This is a shot in the dark, but is the Paradise cover that she's playing this one? (If it is, I quite like it, too!)
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Julianna Barwick is just about perfect for yoga. Also: Four Tet, Mum, The Books.

And for even more chanting: Richard Freeman.
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Seconding Four Tet and The Books, and recommending Boards of Canada.
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MeghanC, THAT'S IT!

Thanks to everyone else for the other great ideas.
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