Where can I find large Kashima Antlers jerseys?
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Automatic translation engines always have their functional limits; these limits tend to be even more pervasive with non-latin script languages. I have been trying for a month now to find jerseys for my favorite soccer club, the Kashima Antlers, with no luck. How can I order Japanese products that aren't on JList (army blocks it) short of taking 3 months of Japanese?

There is apparently one supplier out there who sells Antlers jerseys to English speaking people. The problem is that this person is under the impression that we are all XLs. I and, alas, all of my Antlers loving friends would swim in an XL.
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Is that a Japanese XL?

For what it's worth, I take an XL or XXL in Japanese sizes, and I'm a (women's) size 12.
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Hmm, these guys are in the UK and have an extensive range of soccer jerseys from just about everywhere. I've linked directly to their Kashima Antlers jerseys above. Pretty spendy, though.

Free the Grampus 8!
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Try calling the official shop?
TEL 0299-84-6863  営業時間:10:00〜18:30(年中無休)

They do have some English on their website, so there might be someone around the shop who could help you with your order...

(If you are stationed in Japan, you might also be able to find someone bilingual who could help at the local International Association)
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