Bikini, how do I love thee?
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Please please help me repurchase this specific style of bikini! Color is (mostly) immaterial. Barring that, a bikini that looks cute but also DOES NOT FLASH when actively diving, swimming, facing intense waves, etc. No halter tops, probably no sports-bra-esque tops.

I have this amazing but sadly on-its-way-out bikini. I believe I bought it at Target about 10 years ago, it is definitely brand "BECCA" and I've found bikinis that have the same fabric but unfortunately a different cut on eBay by searching "Becca bikini." I have looked for over two years off and on on eBay and can't find this cut in any brand. I don't know if part of the problem is it's hard to pick the right search words - I tend to go with athletic, bandeau, or laced/s when searching outside the BECCA brand.

What I love about it: It is adjustable from so many points - it has bra-strap-like adjustable drag points on the front, and the back laces up in a generally racerback style but allows for horizontal adjustment as well. So it does not squeeze uncomfortably ever, like I fear most sporty bikinis will, but is nigh impossible to flash people in since it's so tailor-able. And it's gotten a lot of compliments just on style - it is my Perfect(TM) bikini.

If we can't find it: any recommendations for bikinis that satisfy my NO FLASHING adjustability, comfort, cuteness requirements? I hate halters, they hurt my neck, and I own any number of sunning bikinis. FWIW, I have never found a sports bra that I enjoy - they either ride up and squish right in the middle of my breasts or are so tight i can't wait to get them off, so I'm hesitant to believe a sports-bra-style top will be the answer.
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Have you looked at Title Nine and Athleta? I've found that both have bikinis that are actually designed for swimming. Athleta runs a little large (think Gap), while Title 9 is pretty true to size.

This one is sort of a racer back, and it also has a horizontal tie.

This one has a seemingly very similar tie system.

This one is an X-back with two layers of adjustments.
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The "Network" style from Becca by Rebecca Virtue doesn't work for you? Too halter-y?

The Print Impossible from Title Nine is great as a tankini; I can't speak to the bikini version, but the ties on the tankini are very adjustable.
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Best answer: Swimoutlet has a lot of different styles of suits. I didn't go through all the suits but if you took your time in Fashion and Junior suits, you may have luck. This one has a tie behind the neck and it looks like the straps connecting the back are adjustable. Alas, I couldn't find something exactly like yours but maybe there is a poor substitute just waiting for you. Your suit is really great looking.
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This is actually something that would be pretty simple for a decent tailor to replicate. This would be my sole suggestion, if the mechanics of the suit are most important to you.
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Not the same, but perhaps this speedo suit would work:

There's a few different prints up there. Definitely pricier than target, but if it's what you've been looking for..
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Response by poster: You guys! You're awesome. Though apparently nothing is in stock right now...

I have an email request out to see if the bottoms come back in stock in my size/color combo, and if so I'm planning on trying the Sporti Racerback Top and associated athletic bottoms from adorap0621's site suggestion. FINGERS ARE CROSSED, people. It seems like a great match, and totally reasonably priced. I also like charmcityblues' second Title Nine option which Sidhedevil also rec'd, but it's sold out right now. Oh, and the only BECCA Network one I saw that was adjustable was the monokini - am I missing a different bikini top?

Any other suggestions I can virtual-stalk-until-possibly-stocked or which are currently available are welcome. I am realizing it really is about the horizontal adjustability plus the bra strap adjustability; I'm still pretty hesitant about the recs that only came with the latter because I really hate when tops scootch up and then squash but I also love breathing and it's a ridiculously specific and probably shifting line.
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If this really is your perfect bikini, why don't you have it copied? Get fabric you like and then take it to a really good tailor. They can make you multiple copies in multiple colors if you want, and you can have them keep the pattern on file so that you can have additional ones made later on.
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I have this one from Patagonia and I love love love it. Looks like they don't have many colors in stock, but there's also a printed version. It ain't cheap but I have never fussed with it while diving, waterskiing, surfing, snorkeling, jumping off things, etc.
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Though apparently nothing is in stock right now...

You just missed the swim wear sales events.
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These guys make custom suits. Most people choose one of their 8 or so set styles and match it with one of the bottoms, but I know they do modifications to their set models, so I don't see why they couldn't add some extra strings for you.
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