JLLERT - German printer?
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Information on JLLERT (German printer?). I have an old German olive oil label. I am trying to determine just how old it is. In small print, it reads "JLLERT No. 7516 (or 4516)". I suspect that JLLERT is the printer's name. The label was used by August Grill (Schorndorf), a store that was in operation from 1912 to 1965. I would like to know when JLLERT was in operation.
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Can you post a photo?
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Looks like this is the same printer. So they seem to have been in business from 1850 or earlier to 1950 or later.
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Ha! They were founded in 1856.
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They're called Illert and the company still exists
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snownoid, you are a superstar! Definitely the same company.

The "using J as an initial I" thing is something I wasn't aware of (nor apparently is the curatorial staff at some university libraries and museums) but you can see it on that invoice I linked above, which is addressed in typewriting to someone named "Jgnaz"!
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Thank you Sidhedevil and Snownoid for helping me out! I can now contact the printer directly.
Thanks again.
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I don't think it's really a "J", in German cursive (and some old-fashioned German fonts) "I" looks very similar to a modern "J" , but there's a separate letter for "J". I had no idea this was specific to German.
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