Long Or Short? The Beard Question
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Should I trim down my beard for a job interview?

Here are a couple of shots of me today, short hair, longish beard. I just was at the barber on Saturday.

Here is a photo of me from about 2 years ago, with longer hair, but a much shorter beard.

(No, I don't think I photograph particularly well.)

Anyway, the question is, I'm going in to test and interview for a dispatcher position for my little town on Monday. It'd be a huge step up for my life in a lot of ways -- only 2 blocks from where I live, over twice the pay I'm getting now... The job has some drawbacks (rotating schedule, the stress of being a dispatcher for police, fire, other city services, etc)...

Mr hippybear has suggested I might want to trim the beard in my old manner for the testing/interview day. I'm pretty happy with my long beard appearance at the moment, and while I know it would grow back, I kind of feel like that might be presenting a false face (literally!) to the employer since I'd immediately not trim my beard again and would let my excellent barber Blaine keep it in shape with monthly appointments while it grew long again.

What I want to know is, should I trim my beard? Is it really going to increase my chances of getting this job? Will I just be setting up my employer to be nagging me about my appearance once if I get the job and then start to go back to what I want to look like these days?

To preëmpt a few things from the outset: no, I will not shave my beard off, and I will be not adopt facial hair styles that are not a full beard. I've worn this beard since I was 18, basically, and am pretty lazy with my grooming overall, so full beard works best for me. The question is, long or short?

Advice on this, plus any stories that can be shared about altering one's appearance for a job interview and whether you think it helped and whether you "reverted" later and how that went would be appreciated.
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Don't do it!
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I don't know much about facial hair discrimination in various industries, but I think you look very presentable in the first photos. Good luck!
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I like both looks, but if you're happy with the beard keep it! I might be wrong but I'm thinking "little town" signals a bit more flexible with facial hair, but I live in New York City and could be spectacularly wrong about that.
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Just trim it up a little--not necessarily short but slightly better groomed. A beard never discouraged me from thinking positively about a prospective employee--but grooming was a plus. Not sure why--it just was. Either way not a break or make characteristic--just an impression. Hope all goes well with the interview.
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Keep rocking the beard. It's long, but your overall look is pretty clean. Given that you're applying for a job that requires speaking clearly, I'd probably clean (trim) my moustache just enough so that I never look like I'm talking through it.
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I think you look pretty sharp both ways. I do think that a shorter beard, for some people, might seems more business appropriate, but I think that might be some old-school thinking, and I'm not sure what your small town would be like in this regard. Although, I keep in mind that one of the guys in NASA control during the Mars landing was sporting a pretty nice mohawk, so it seems that times are a-changing.
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I don't see a whole lot of difference there. Probably not enough of one to bother to trim down, I think. You are not that woolly!
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Huh. That's a difference from your profile pic, but quite a nice one.

That beard says "unflappable" to me, which might be an asset when applying for a stressful job like dispatcher.
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I think you look fine... but it can't hurt to trim it. And if getting this job would be a big life changer for you, then I would tweak all the little things I could to make the best overall first impression. I think there is a slight chance of getting an interviewer who is turned off by the longer beard, and no chance of getting an interviewer who thinks "that Hippybear was a great candidate, I just wish his beard had been longer". It grows back, right?
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I think since interviews are first impressions and it is normally expected that you present yourself more formally than you usually would, thus demonstrating to the employer that you take this formal situation and this particular first impression seriously enough to attempt to conform to the expectations - that basically, it doesn't hurt to overdo it in formality (perceived as showing respect) but it can very well hurt to under-do it; jobs where you would never ever wear a tie (or a suit) while working there day-to-day nevertheless might not even consider you for the position if you came to the interview without a tie (or a suit), which is hardly logical, but it's not really a logical thing. I think something like a long beard is iffy in how an interviewer could perceive you in the ten seconds they'll take to form a snap impression, because it's visibly off a business norm - it could be perceived as not well-groomed or eccentric - could be fine (quirky!), could not be fine, but it is probably not going to pass unremarked upon either way.

Anyway, I'd say it depends how much getting this job would be worth to you - if it's worth a lot, then it's maybe worth trying to conform more. If you didn't get the job, and found out after the fact it was partially because the long beard was off-putting where a shorter beard would not be - how would you feel about that? Would you feel "well, then that's not a place I'd want to be working at anyway"? Or would you think "I wish I'd trimmed it, then"?

I don't personally think it's false advertising to trim it and then grow it out again once you have the job - they'll know you beyond a first impression at that point. I think it's normal for an employer to have higher expectations at the time of the interview/during the hiring decision than at any other time, since at first you are an unknown quantity and they're basically looking for reasons to reject you, to weed out applicants. And it's not at all necessarily reflective of their expectations on-the-job, where being a proven good worker & an integrated part of the team will then cut you a lot more slack on stuff like this.
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"I'm getting a bad feeling about that guy because of his short, well-groomed, average-looking in all ways beard," said no one ever.

"That guy's beard is remarkable in its length, I find it odd, and that is what I'm remembering about him," said maybe at least one person.

I say trim it, absolutely no question. Don't feel bad about it. People wear suits to job interviews all the time and then never wear them at their actual jobs. Make it as easy as possible for your prospective employer to judge you on your skills and abilities; don't give them any external potentially questionable criteria to judge you by.
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Job interview? Trim the beard.

Does it make a difference in your skills? Absolutely not. But more formal grooming is similar to wearing dressier clothing to an interview.

Is there's any chance that one of the people you'll interview with will be a police officer, paramedic, or someone who worked in those fields previously? People in those roles have probably had years of strictly enforced grooming rules. The longer beard may not seem like a fit to them.

If it's not a big deal to trim it, then do so. Why lose a job you want over something your could easily correct?
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leave it, you've got a good look going
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I think there is a slight chance of getting an interviewer who is turned off by the longer beard, and no chance of getting an interviewer who thinks "that Hippybear was a great candidate, I just wish his beard had been longer".

That's what I was thinking, but more clearly put. Other than the inconvenience of growing it back, I don't see a downside to trimming it up. You don't want to look like you are so quirky you couldn't show up to work on time, you know?

I definitely clean up for job interviews, and promptly revert to my usual scruffy appearance. People seem to tolerate oddities in an employee just fine, but not in a job interview, which used to irritate me, but now that I'm the one doing the interviews, I am totally the same way -- someone cleaning up a little for a job interview is a signal that they are taking it seriously, that they understand that it is a professional position with professional expectations, and that they have at least some ability to "go along to get along."
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My inclination would be to trim the beard.
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I would politely suggest you trim. In general, trust your SO when they give you appearance advice that seems like it was probably tough for them to deliver. Moreover, you want to be remembered for your skills and experience, not your unusual facial hair. If you get the gig, they'll love you even if go full-beard, and if you don't get it, your beard will return at exactly the same pace.

And... Uncomfortably... There are dumb but still-existant stereotypes associated with long beards. Why buy trouble?
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As someone who interviews lots of people, I say trim. The shorter beard is 100% unremarkable (and looks quite good on you!), while the longer beard is somewhat unusual (and also looks good on you!) Unfortunately, unusual appearance is not a fantastic attribute for interviewing, sadly.
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Trim it. We all try to present a neater/more formal/dressier/etc for job interviews. Growing it out later won't be a problem.
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I think you look great as you are (and if it's true that you don't photograph well then you look really great); but those who suggest that there's a non-zero possibility that someone might be put off by the beard in an interview and that growing the beard back is not a very difficult thing to do have a point. If this job is really important to you you probably don't want to risk being in the position of thinking "if only I'd trimmed that damned beard--who knows if I might have got it?" Of course, trim in and you risk the "damn, I trimmed my beard for no reason" if you don't get it--but then at least you can say you did everything you could to get the job.
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Neat. I always wondered what you looked like!

I say go short. You are clever and brilliant, and I think the long beard would distract people from paying attention to your personality and skills.

Datapoint: My brother interviewed for and landed a job while sporting a trimmed beard, and once he got settled in and proven to be indispensable, he grew it out. No one cared. Years later, he's full-bearded and looking for a new gig, but he hasn't gotten any offers yet.
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Trim that puppy. Not because it looks bad, per se (it totally doesn't), but because it's different, and you don't want to be too different in job interview. I don't think many people have landed a job because of their beards. Given the ease of growing back, I think trimming is no risk, whereas as leaving is some risk. How much is unquantifiable, but some.
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I see a trend and agree. I'd have a barber trim to medium-short, to show them you care and can can look sharp for the job. Once you are in and set, reassess.
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Anyone who would like the long beard would have no problem with the short beard.

Some people who liked the short beard would find the long beard a bit unprofessional.

For a job with more than double your current salary, in a great location, you want to do everything you can to maximize your chances. Put aside any notions of false advertising — that just doesn't matter at this point.
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I also think you should trim it. I think it looks great on you, but as others have said, you'd rather someone didn't remember you for your unusual-ish beard, but for your mad skillz. Grow it back later, but trimmed looks more professional.
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My vote is for trimming. A shorter beard looks more neat and dapper. You look fine with the long beard, but a longer beard stands out more, and can appear less well-groomed. Also, I can see your nice smile better with the shorter beard. :)
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My boyfriend shaved his beard for two crappy (call center help desk) interviews (one recruiter suggested he shave before his interview). He has severe psoriasis and a weak chin... so he really really didn't want to shave. He did not get the shitty jobs. When he interviewed for an awesome IT position working for the Federal Government, he refused to shave or trim. He got the job and is very happy.

Don't do it! Be yourself!
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"I'm getting a bad feeling about that guy because of his short, well-groomed, average-looking in all ways beard," said no one ever.

"That guy's beard is remarkable in its length, I find it odd, and that is what I'm remembering about him," said maybe at least one person.

I say trim it, absolutely no question.


"I remember this candidate's face, therefore despite the fact that he is perfectly suited for the position I will not hire him," said... who, exactly?

Keep it. You can be a guy with a beard, instantly forgettable, or you can be the guy with the beard.

No matter how the interview goes, they'll remember you. That is worth something.
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(I should mention that my boyfriend's beard length is usually on par with yours).
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While I already keep my beard much shorter than yours, I tend to trim it shorter than usual when going for job interviews, just so that it looks well-groomed and I don't get the "beardos are weirdos" crap that some people seem to believe. I don't typically get comments about it, but back when I was first hired my current boss did tell me that one of the people who interviewed me with her noted that he doesn't normally like beards, because he thinks they're unprofessional looking, but didn't mind mine because it was short and well-groomed.

So, yeah, it is probably worthwhile to trim it shorter than usual. Once you've got the job and they love you, you can go back to being your usually awesome hippybear self and grow the beard back to its current length. Unless the company has a really strict dress code, it's unlikely that anyone will care once you're already on the job.
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The hair makes a much bigger difference than the beard, but I would trim it a little at least, to a neater look. I don’t know if you have to go as short as the other picture.

Here’s my oddball reasoning; not that it looks weird or bad, or the interviewer might be a beard hater. It’s that you show up looking like the guy who won’t trim his beard for a job interview. The guy that makes odd, difficult stands on issues that seem minor to others. Let them get to know you, don’t let them get a false impression.

There’s nothing misleading about growing it back out after you get the job. What if you never had one and started growing it out after you got the job?
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Trim the beard! You look dapper and dashing and much more professional with it trimmed. (Not to mention younger, not just the two years, but like, five or six!) You don't have to go way short, but enough that it looks like it's well groomed.

And rock that great smile--I'd hire ya' in a heartbeat.
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I work in the personnel unit of a police department. I see lots of applicants for a variety of jobs. I think you look great, but would suggest a trim. Good luck! I hope you rock the interview.
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Facial hair is becoming much more widely accepted. You should keep it. Some men grow beards (facial hair) on doctor's orders.
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Hard call. Your beard is obviously well-kept; it's not scraggly and the rest of you is very put-together, so part of me thinks it'll be fine. But then I think about how judgmental folks can be at job interviews. How would you feel about splitting the difference between today's length and the 2 years ago pic?
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A beard that size is meant to look a little "natural". It's a very traditional style, very old-school, formal in its own way, and it looks good in gray. It suits you, and I think it would look worse if it were cleaned up. If you are well-dressed and well-groomed everywhere else it will be obvious that the appearance of your beard is a conscious choice and not a mark of laziness or poor hygiene -- you will look distinguished. It's an excellent beard and you should leave it as it is, but make sure that your appearance is otherwise impeccable.
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"I remember this candidate's face, therefore despite the fact that he is perfectly suited for the position I will not hire him," said... who, exactly?

Said many interviewers who didn't get a strong overall impression from a job candidate because they were distracted by one physical feature, which ended up being the only thing the interviewer remembered about the person.
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You're interviewing in an industry where beards are not allowed or restricted to very short/trimmed. Trim it down for now, but feel free to test the waters once you get hired.

(former volunteer fireman here)
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Almost certainly no beard or very short, neatly trimmed beard is better for the interview. So you need to consider is the beard (or not compromising your identity) more important than the job? How would you feel if you shaved off your beard and didn't get the job? How much would you be wondering "what if" if you keep the beard and don't get the job?
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Scientist is right. Listen to Scientist.
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I say trim it. As you say you're "pretty lax about my grooming overall" I'd also suggest you make sure your nails are really clean too because that's something interviewers also notice. If you don't already have one, you'll find nailbrushes in the drug or dollar store. Likewise any ear tufts should be trimmed back.

Good luck!
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I trust Mr hippybear on this. I don't know your town and he does. Interviews are about finding someone who does is less individual and more of a team player. We may want you to be your real hippybear self and not surrender to the Man, but we're not the ones job hunting. If Mr hippybear, who sees you from the outside, can live with the trim, so can you. Once you get the job and show you can perform, it will become less of an issue.
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Mr. Corb recently (well, a year ago) had this dilemma.

He trimmed the beard much closer than he normally wore it and got the job. Now he leaves his beard as he feels it. No one ever gives him hassle.

But having seen this, I can say as a partner of a well-bearded man, we know the pain and joys of your beards. We know how long it takes to grow and how frustrating the in between stages are for you.

If we advise cutting anyway, it's because we /really mean it/.

Trust your partner. Trim the beard.
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The Harley Davidson forum discussed this issue. They lean strongly trim.
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Job interview, trim the beard. Not trimming it sort of gives the same impression as if you'd worn running shoes with your suit, that you didn't care enough to dress up for the interview. Of course, you're not going to wear a suit to work, and of course, your beard will go back to being long rather than carefully trimmed...but first impressions really matter, no matter how unfair they are.

Particularly if you're still living in Cheney, WA. My advice would be different if you were in NYC, but not much different for other big cities. EMS is a little different than other jobs, I'd really consider trimming the beard for the interview.

Then, once you get the job, don't ever mention it again. It isn't false advertising, it is just a job interview.
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Also, I have to agree with someone earlier - I really like your hair right now (it, along with parts of your face, remind me of Mark Harmon, the actor who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS), but I much prefer the beard style you had 2 years ago aesthetically - you do look 6+ years younger with it. The longer beard with your great smile and friendly eyes makes me think retired/senior/Santa Claus.

I know you aren't really looking beyond the interview and not interested in any real changes in your style, but I thought I would tell you this at least as a reference point. I strongly support you having the beard you want, but suggest trimming for the interview. And of course to lend authenticity to your Mark Marmon impersonation.
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I would trim the beard. I usually sport a long beard, but I would definitely trim it up for an interview within an organization/industry where non-conforming facial hair/dress is not the norm.
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Trim it. The short beard looks more professional. That doesn't mean you can never change it -- it's like wearing a suit to an interview to put your best foot forward.
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Your beard is great!
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Trim the beard.

A few years ago, I grew a beard. And the first thing EVERYONE said to me was "Wow. You don't look sketchy with a beard. It looks really nice on you. I haven't ever seen a beard I didn't think was creepy before."

Look, there's a lot of beard prejudice out there. It's just the world we live in. Sorry. I don't wear a beard now because my boyfriend is himself anti-beard. But even if I did and I had a job interview (which, actually, I do today!) I would shave off my beard. I know you said you don't want to shave it off - so don't. But do mitigate the effects of potential beard prejudice by trimming it back to the length that you had it in your long-haired picture.

Then go kick some ass and take some names.

*beardy fist bump*
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Addressing specifically your style rather than your job prospects: looking younger isn't everything. The long hair looked younger too, but (as a long-haired, full-bearded guy) I think you look better with it short. I feel the same way about the beard. Older guys (and I'm talking older than mid-30s here -- you're hardly old yet but you're no kid either) look better if they rock a more mature look, and while you certainly didn't look bad with the short beard you looked a little bit as though you were really trying to look young. The long hair probably didn't help you there either. Your hair is gray, man -- there's no getting around it. Gray hair isn't a bad thing (I'm excited to have gray hair one day myself so that I can really get my Professor Einstein on) but you need to shoot for a style that works in gray. The long hair/short beard doesn't work as well as the short hair/long beard. The short beard looks like you're fighting for the remains of your youth; the long beard looks like you have embraced yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. I really think it suits you. I also feel like since not everybody can grow such a magnificent face-bush (you are quite fortunate in that department) those who can manage it sort of have a duty to bring that awesomeness into the world so that other people can enjoy it.

Now, if you're desperate for the job then fine, trim the beard. People are probably right that you're a bit more likely to get a job with a short beard than a full one. It's not fair, and it's not even rational, but it's true especially in more conservative fields which oddly enough EMS sort of is. It's insulting, though, and you have to ask yourself if you're willing to put up with that shit just so that you can work for the kind of people who would make you put up with that shit in order to work for them. I shaved my face for a job once six years ago, and I got the job, and vowed never again, just like I vowed to avoid jobs that make me pee in a cup after that one time -- not because I can't pass the test, but because I find it incredibly insulting. I'd rather not work for someone who won't hire me if I won't jump through a bunch of demeaning hoops first. Now, if I were desperate? Sure. Food comes before dignity, to a certain degree. But if I were just looking? No. You have to weigh your own priorities and make the call on your own.
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"Wow. You don't look sketchy with a beard. It looks really nice on you. I haven't ever seen a beard I didn't think was creepy before."

Yes. I grew up in a very [unusual personal choice]-unfriendly community. I guarantee you that to those people (which I have to assume exist everywhere, though maybe not so concentrated in other areas of the country), anything more than a Billy Mays will be read as Ted Kaczynski (and let's be honest--even his beard was shorter than yours).

I'm not saying they're right, I'm just saying they're out there.
posted by phunniemee at 7:12 AM on August 9, 2012

Definitely trim the beard. Police and fire tend to be (often very) conservative organizations. You want people to focus on your personality and skills and nothing else. Everyone else you work with will have little or no facial hair. Once you've started the job and proven yourself, no one will care about your beard, so grow it out. In your interview, they might care, so why take a chance?
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If I were in your position, I would enlist help from loved ones/professionals to ensure that my appearance was impeccable -- including trimming or even removing the beard in this case, because you have a loved one who is recommending it -- and during the interview, observe the individuals you encounter and their facial hair. If you see other long beards, you're good to grow it back, and if not, you can ask during the interview "is there a dress code, and/or a personal hygiene code regarding beards or moustaches?"

Remember, you look good either way, but this isn't about you, it's about them, and you don't want to give them a silly reason to reject you. Yes, it might be a job which requires you to keep it short/remove it, so find out during the interview by asking, and decide whether you want the job or not. If you go in with the long beard, they may decide for you by looking at the beard and thinking "mmm, nope." If that happens, you might never even find out why you were rejected.
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disclaimer: I sometimes have a beard, and sometimes do not, depending on my whim...and whether or not I'll be addressing an audience of one/many that will judge me accordingly. I shave it off when it behooves me to appear young and eager, and grow it back when it behooves me to appear wise and unflappable. I am still the same person inside whether I have the beard or not, and I consider it as change-able as the clothes I wear to work for working hard days vs teaching class days vs meeting new boss days.
posted by davejay at 1:02 PM on August 9, 2012

Chiming in a bit late on this issue, but TRIM! Personally, I LOVE the long beard. But, as a gal with a bright red mohawk and a bunch of tattoos, I know all too well that there are times that I need to cover them. There are no job interviews in my industry (gig based), but the first time I work for a new employer I wear long sleeves and either an bandanna or a wig. Once I've proven my work ethic and skills and been re-hired on a fairly regular basis, I start letting my personal style out a bit more. But I only have one chance to make that first impression, and I want to be that kickass stagehand who's great at her job, not that weird girl with the funny hair.
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Trim the beard and shorten the moustache (not too short on the moustache, but uncover your lips). The longer beard looks good on you, but a shorter, tidier beard will open more doors.

Good luck!
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Well, I feel like a good portion of my face is missing now, but I trimmed the beard. Here's me fresh out of the shower having trimmed up just before this comment.

I may have another go at the moustache tomorrow morning. I've never worn my moustache short and thought I'd trimmed it down, but the photos show it's longer than I thought.

Thanks for your input, everyone. I look forward to locking the clippers in the closet for another few years now.
posted by hippybear at 8:50 PM on August 12, 2012

Thanks for the updating! You look great and the mustache looks just fine.

Good luck on your interview.
posted by 26.2 at 8:59 PM on August 12, 2012

Is that photo showing up sideways for anyone else? That's just peculiar.

This one appears to be oriented correctly.
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Looks great. You’re hired.
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You look great! Good luck!
posted by like_neon at 6:00 AM on August 15, 2012

So, in a bit of a follow-up to this before this thread closes.

I'm a bit unkempt right now (I see my barber on Saturday), but here is basically a year's growth of beard on my face. Since the trim I did during this thread a year ago, all I've had done is my barber shape it a little as it grew out.

Not quite sure where it's all headed at this point, but I've told myself I'm going to keep it through the end of the year. We'll see what happens then.
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