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Please help me reattach the power window switches to the inside of my car door. I need information about replacing a trim part on a Chrysler, and/or creative suggestions to mounting the switch unit.

The power window switches on my 1999 Chrysler Sebring Coupe have fallen into the door frame. I've taken off the trim panel, and discovered the following.

All the switches are mounted on one box shaped unit. From the factory the switch unit attaches to the bottom of a covering panel using four screws. When you're driving this panel is where you rest your elbow, and it also has a little handle for pulling the door closed. The switch cover panel attaches to the door trim panel with more screws and some clip looking like things.

Unfortunately the switch cover panel is made of plastic, and all the screw points are ruined so I can't screw the switch unit back to the panel. Ideally I'd like to replace the switch cover panel with a new one. How do I go about finding this part for sale around New Orleans? What do I call it?

My second option is to find a new way to mount the switch unit inside the door. We have considered all the following options.

1. Drill holes in the switch cover panel to mount the switch unit on with nuts and bolts.
2. Glue a block of wood to the fiber glass inside of the trim panel, and then glue the side of the switch unit to that block.
3. Strap the switch unit to the switch cover panel using metal straps or zip-ties.

Are any of the these options feasible? I'm more than willing to listen to any ideas.
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Take the broken part to a dealer parts desk. They will pull up an exploded drawing on a computer screen and you can help them identify the correct part, which will lead them to the part number, so they can order it for you.
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Alternatively, just go to a car scrap yard and find a similar model and take a good switch off it. Only when you have exhausted easy solutions like this should you resort to wood and zip ties...
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You could call to some junkyards around and they might have it. Some around here allow you out onto the yard to collect the part yourself.

Bolting it on might be the most secure, but.... bolts in your elbow. You might be able to use slightly larger screws in the original holes. You can reinforce with some epoxy.

I think finding a replacement is your best bet.
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Also stop by your nearest chain auto parts store and look for the Help! rack. They have all these odd little obscure parts for a bunch of different things. (Need a Ford window regulator? How about a dome light switch for an 80's GM? Odd stuff like that.) They may or may not have what you need, but it's worth a look.
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Thanks guys! I think I may have found a junkyard that has my part!

I've never gotten a park at the junkyard before, and I'm a not quite sure how it works. Ya'll have any advice for me on this process works?
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Some make you take the part off, some take it off for you, you give them cash and you take the part.

Take the tools you will need just in case or ask beforehand. That's as complicated as it gets.
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Yep, it's pretty simple. Consider, though, that if yours is underengineered then they're all underengineered, the junkyard part may be compromised or damaged too, and you'll have gone out of your way for nothing. For small parts like this, the dealer is often a better choice.
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(Though not always. Sometimes the price of specialty dealer parts is ridiculous.)
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Checked with the local dealers, and apparently my part is discontinued by Chrysler. One of the parts guys did recommend an out of state company called Vintage, but they want $135 plus shipping and can't even describe the part over the phone to help me figure out if we're talking about the right item.
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People sell car parts on eBay and Craigslist all the time and you can get a good deal there also.
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