where can i find a copy of the Amen Break?
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Where can i get a copy of the Amen Break?

I dont have a record player, so buying the original winstons vinyl is out. Is there some place where i can get a relatively high quality version as a free download? If not, anyone know which breakbeat collection it's on? I know a lot of third party companies basically sampled and released the Amen break, but there are so many breakbeat sample CDs out there i dont know which one has it. Also, you get a cookie if you can get it to me for free or for under $20.
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You ought to be able to get it from www.thebreaks.com, but that's refusing connection to me at the moment. I'm pretty sure I have a copy if you can't get hold of it anywhere else. Email in profile.
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If you're looking for a download, why not just download the Amen Brother track?
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really tangential to the topic, but here's something I forgot all about until you mentioned this. It does have a copy of the Amen break in it, but I'm not sure if it's at the resolution you want.
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"Amen, Brother" sample and all the rest (.wav and MP3 formats)
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Best answer: We talk about Sample Rate rather than resolution in audio... Anyhow, I've put a .wav format loop you can download at http://www.benzo8.org/audio/amenbreak.wav...
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On preview - Smart Dalek's link has the .WAV too...
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I'm obviously in the wrong thread. I'm looking for a way to eliminate those long, green gaps in AskMe posts.
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According to AMG, it's on a CD called Block Party Breaks, Vol. 2. Amazon Marketplace has a couple of copies.
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Response by poster: sweet benzo8, pretty good quality. As for the ign link, thanks, but the quality is a bit rough for my tastes. Benzo, could ya tell me the copyright info on this particular file? I plan on cutting it up and sampling...ya know...the norm :-p
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Sorry - was away for the weekend!

I cut the loop myself from the vinyl and topped-and-tailed it some years back. The copyright is as standard - if you release something using it, you'll need to negotiate clearance with the relevant publisher/record label. That said, the Amen Break has been so widely sampled/chopped/recorded that it's almost de-facto public domain and I'd suggest that if you distorted it far enough you'll be fine without legit. clearance. Of course, iana(music)l so take this with a pinch of covering-my-own-ass salt...
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Since benzo8's link has gone offline:

Jungle Breaks has a variety of loops used in drum'n'bass, including the Amen Break.

More: the history of the Amen Break and more sample history.
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