A tale of two tailors
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ChicagoFilter: I need two tailors. A cheap one for skirts and such that are out of my range to hem or take in. Also a good tailor who might be able to get me an inch on a vintage dress.

If these are the same tailor, that would be great.

I'm near Lincoln Square. Any place in the city I can reach on CTA is fine. But somewhere in my area better.
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I have had success at Tails on Wells. Yelp says it's "expensive" but I did not think so.

I've had about a dozen suits, dresses and skirts altered at Tails, involving varying amounts of reconstruction and discretion. I have had only one bad experience--I had a skirt about three sizes too large, but the skirt was supposed to sit very low on the hip. After alteration, it sat almost at my natural waist, making it much too short and odd-looking. Otherwise, I've been pleased with everything I've had done there. Just be assertive while getting pinned if you think there's a mis-communication about how you want the garment to fit post-alteration. Cash/check only.
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I was really happy with Angelica's work at La Modista, on Clybourn just north of Fullerton. My wedding dress was two sizes too large and she altered it beautifully. She took into account all of the changes to proportion that come along with changing sizes.

She is definitely right for the "good tailor" task, but she might be too far out of your way to be your go-to cheap tailor for skirts and other easy things.
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