These shoes must be made of unicorn leather.
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You know those cool wingtip 1920s shoes the guy wears in Boardwalk Empire? I need 'em.

So my dad is in love with the shoes Nucky Tompson wears in Boardwalk Empire. You can see them here:

crazy expensive shoes

I would love to get him a pair...but they cost $630! Insane. Can anyone help me find a similar pair for much less? Im thinking $200 at the most but less would be great.
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Something like this? Check the rest of Allen Edmonds' website, they have a few two-tone wingtips that are around $200.
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Um. The article you linked has a few examples within your price range?
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None of the ones in the article really look like the originals though....its the coloring he really likes! The one pair they suggest thats $200 is nowhere close unfortunately.
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Have you tried mefisown Modista?
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These Paul Fredricks are a bit more affordable.
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This problem is easier if you know what you're looking for. What you want is a two tone wingtip. Paolo Shoes sells them at a lower price than the featured brand on that page, and there are ebay listings of what you're looking for at lower prices, as well.
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Still pricey but very well-made shoes.
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If you're not wedded to that particular colorway, Stacy Adams makes two-tone (or "spectator") wingtips for <>
Under $200 US is a tough price point for men's high-quality dress shoes in general.
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"for less than $100" is what that html fail should have said.

They're not the best quality shoes--machine-made, unlike the Forzieri (which is why they cost so much; they're handmade out of top quality leather and will last more than three times as long as a $200 dress shoe, but on the other hand it might be overkill for a novelty shoe for most people)--but the Stacy Adams are decent department store quality.
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These Wolverine Thatchers are $250. Good shoes.

This is beside the point a little bit, but there has been some very good writing on men's leather shoes around the web and the conclusion seems to be that the difference between <$200 and >$200 is significant when it comes to quality, durability, value, and overall satisfaction. What I've seen recommended over and over is if >$200 is tough to swing for you then head to Ebay and set up some saved searches. There's always a good shoe on sale there (sometimes they're all just purple suede though).
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The shoes in the show look to have a carefully done patina - the cream leather seems to have almost a colorwash over it which gives it a depth and subtlety of color and the darker leather also seems to be an unusual shade, a deep brown with a faint burgundy, maybe? I also wonder if they are shell cordovan - they remind me a bit of an RL shell pair I saw on Styleforum second hand for $400. The trouble is that patina'd shoes in unusual shades and shell shoes are expensive.

Now, if I were you and willing to devote some serious time to this project, here's what I'd do:

1. Make sure that I have access to a talented cobbler.

2. Go to an Allen Edmonds store and try on some different models - note your size in each. AE uses different lasts and you may be an 8 in one and an 8E in another.

3. Troll eBay for a bargain shoe in a two-tone colorway.

4. Take that shoe to your shoe guy and get his help patina-ing it. If you are careful, you can add a layer of sheer color over a light leather even after the leather has had its primary dye/color applied - you use good quality shoe cream and a lot of care.

Truly, the agony of shoe desire is a powerful thing. I want those shoes now, and I don't even come close to needing another pair of brogued shoes.
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These Fluevogs have kinda sorta a similar color scheme, and they're $179.
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(I saw those IRL this weekend and they are not very wingtippy at all - they're much too rounded at the toe.)
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Ebay and Etsy are definitely places to look into.
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I have a pair of those Fluevogs -- they're awesome, I bought them sometime in the late 90s and they still look OK (after resoling). The soles are wrong, though (too thick), and they're more rounded at the toe.
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I marked the two that best fit my budget and color requirements... but they're all gorgeous! Thanks so much for the suggestions, everyone!
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Allen Edmonds has some two-tone wingtips. I buy their shoes on eBay and then take advantage of their refinishing service. You can get a good pair for $40 or $50 if you're lucky, then spend another $50 on refinishing, and basically have a like-new pair of shoes that would have cost you $350 brand new.
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