Creative, hip ideas for making door signs!
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Creative, designer-y ideas needed in making door-signs!

A friend of mine needs to make door signs for dorm rooms for college students. It has to have their name and their room number on it. We need some creative ideas for signs that look good and not too silly.

In the past, people mostly have just printed out the name and room number on a sheet of paper and then stuck it on a piece of construction paper. We want to do something cooler that they might actually want to keep on their door to identify it for visitors.

Any interesting ideas? He can probably get their photographs, too.
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Characters from John Hughes movies.
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Oof, please don't do that -- people could read far too much into which character they get.

Have you wandered the scrapbooking aisle of a hobby store? While they're full of dredk, you also might find interesting paper to use.
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In my defense, they did that when I went to college, and I turned out perfectly fine! And then my roommate left me, and we both transferred out of that hellhole.

But still. Everyone can be Ferris :)

Anyways, you can have a lot of fun with categories like this. Or you can put people's heads on top of famous bodies from famous photos/movie stills or something.
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Maybe do a well-designed Facebook status cloud with their name in the middle?

(Note: I'd probably ask their permission first. Don't want anybody to get creeped out about Facebook weirdness.)
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My first RA made little origami name tags for our doors. I still have mine.

You could also try painting on canvas boards or, better yet, miniature stretched canvases. (They come in smaller-than-postcard sizes and are like $5 for a pack of six! You can put double-sided adhesive strips on the backs of the frames.) The RA could also potentially do an icebreaker activity where everybody gets to paint their own door/name tag. This helps when you've got residents whose nicknames you don't know before they move in.
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Go old-school.
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bulletin boards + nametags

Get thick corkboard / corrugated cardboard, and cut letters out (using stencil guidelines) spelling out the names of each person. Attach the letters/name on the door, and then on the board pin a photograph or two of them from Facebook: The nametag would double as a bulletin board.

On the first day, you'd see everyone's names; as the semester passes, each name would become gradually covered in photographs, as the need to memorize everyone's name gradually lessens.
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If you have people from different states, use a Mock License Plate from their state with their name. You can use this site here. This site would also let you put people's room number on the fake plate too
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