DIY Home Security questions
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DIY Home Security: where to start? I'm investigating all the myriad options for hardware and monitoring services, and I am overwhelmed.

My family wants a home security system that I feel is unnecessary (we live in low crime area and have a very barky dog), but since I'm over-ruled, I'm going to make it a DIY tech project. Up-front costs are not as big a concern; my main cost concern is keeping the ongoing costs low.

I have three doors and multiple windows that need monitoring. I do not have a land line, just cell phones and cable internet. I have an existing wireless home network with multiple computers and a Synology NAS that I can leverage. I want a security system to start with room to grow into home automation eventually, but let's keep it to security right now.

I've spent some time lurking on various forums, but they seem to have a lot of vendors trying to sell their particular solution or service. Suggestions on hardware, software and especially monitoring services are appreciated. Also, I'd love any advice, good/bad experiences and online resources available.
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FrontPoint is who we use. Cell network based, self-installed, and can expand to accommodate automation. We pay $45/month for a mid-tier setup.

The value of a good security system includes automatic responses to fire and CO alerts, not just break-ins.
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I have the fancy-pants security system from one of the big companies, but frankly I trust my dog more than them to deter break-ins.
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