Breed of the dog in the movie The Wake Wood?
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There are SPOILERS in this question. I was wondering if anyone knows the breed of the second dog in the movie The Wake Wood, starring Aiden Gillen.

I don't mean the dog that attacks the little girl, but the one that Aiden Gillen's character accidentally hits with his car. It looks a bit like a Mastiff, but seems too small.
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Do you mean this dog? Taken from the trailer at 1:09, haven't seen the film.*

* have no intention of ever seeing the film now either, way too scary!
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From that photo, maybe a Staffordshire bull terrier?
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Best answer: Not exactly right but maybe a Dogue de Bordeaux
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From the shape of the head and its coloring, I think its a bullmastiff. They stand between 24 and 27 inches tall at the withers, and weigh between 100 and 130 pounds.
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I vote Bullmastiff too but it's difficult to tell with just the laid down head for clues.
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Bullmastiff if it's the dog in the picture.
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Response by poster: That photo is, indeed, the dog I'm talking about. Thanks for the answers, everyone. It looks most like the pictures of french mastiffs. It was a relatively small dog, so that is why I thought it might be a different breed.
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