Help me cook my web dev chops.
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I'm looking for practice-oriented websites and blogs about web development. Specifically, I'm interested in writing pertaining to Python, Django, and front-end techniques (HTML5/CSS/Javascript), though a bit of PHP/Wordpress-specific info couldn't hurt. Examples inside. Help learn me, please!

A good example of what I'm looking for:
CSS Tricks

What I like about these sites:
the focus on the details of a development task
the fact that they really keep up to date with the latest/greatest tools, frameworks, etc.
the fact that they share detailed info about how it works and what it's good for.

Things I don't need:
How to successfully be a webdev in a major corporation
Lists of "inspiration" and free PSDs
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Best answer: I would resist your characterization of ALA as being only useful for corporate developers- the code/css topic has a ton of useful information. Perhaps a deeper look is in order?

I've found value as well in smashing magazine's Code subsite. Paul Irish's personal blog is also filled with lots of useful information. The new Yeoman project has some great videos covering their ideas around a great workflow; this includes a series of support tools written in node.js .

If you can swing the subscription, the Safari online library provides access to tons of books from O'Reilly and Associates and others, including a large number of their HTML and CSS cookbooks, which may be a pretty good way to go.
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Best answer: I'd agree completely with jenkinsEar - A List Apart is most definitely not corporate. It was pushing web standards, accessibility and responsive design years before they were taken as as business issue. That being said, I think the list above is a great place to start. I'd make three additions:
  • Lea Verou has been creating advanced web tools and techniques for years. While the focus of her blog might change in future (she's just joined the W3C) it will remain a source of rich information.
  • Tympanus / Codrops - features some of the most advanced CSS3 you'll find anywhere, always beautifully presented. (Be warned that the organisation of the site(s) can be a little hard to follow)
  • Finally, you might find my my web development blog to be useful. I originally designed it for my webdev students, so much of the content is organised as a curriculum, although entires over the 18 months have advanced substantially beyond what I cover in classes during the two-year program.
I hope these help!
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Response by poster: Thanks! Will definitely look deeper into A List Apart. For some reason, their RSS feed hasn't had any of the sorts of things I'm looking for since I subscribed, but I'll go to the site and dig in.

Will definitely give these other blogs a try too.
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