Blame it on my wild heart.
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Are there guitar chords for this version of Stevie Nicks's "Wild Heart" on the internet anywhere?

Google is failing me.
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According to this blog post, the backing track in the video became "Can't Go Back" on Fleetwood Mac's Mirage album.
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It sounds to me like a Db bar chord at 4th fret alternating with a Gb bar chord at 2nd fret. Just before the long pause, I think it the Gb goes up to Ab on the 4th fret. No?
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Nope, there is not, because I have looked, and the two answers above are the best you can get.

I did however once make an mp3 of this recording, which might assist you in working it out. :) So glad to meet other people obsessed with this!
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They probably tuned the guitars down, I would use D & G iin the open position nstead of Db & Gb
Then you could play the d-c#-a-c#-b riff with the chords
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