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What are some unusual exercise/fitness/physical activity ideas in the San Francisco Bay Area, for example House of Air or Jukari?
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The Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland has some great classes.
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Trapeze Arts in Oakland offers classes in trapeze, tumbling and aerial (that thing where the circus performer slithers around on the end of a looped rope while trailing sashes).

iFly in Mountain View offers indoor skydiving.

There's another giant trampoline place in Sunnyvale, if that happens to be more convenient to get to than House of Air.
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Response by poster: I live in Oakland and go to school in downtown SF/SoMA, so anywhere accessible from either area via public transport would be particularly handy!
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Capoeira. I'm not a capoeirista or a San Franciscan, so I don't have an academia to recommend.
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You can try Olympic weightlifting at United Barbell in SOMA. Nice people.
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ABADA if you want a recommendation for a S.F. Capoeira groupo. Mestrandra Marcia is great.
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The iFly is in Union City (You can probably BART then bus there), not in Mountain View.
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Emeryville has Athletic Playground, which has parkour, handstands, acrobatic / aerial yoga, monkey conditioning, and other activities. The city has a free shuttle bus that starts from the MacArthur BART station and loops the city; I think it can get you pretty close.
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