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Quick..... Where can i get the best burger in portland, oregon within walking distance of Pioneer Square?

I live in NYC so "walking distance" could probably be up to a mile or so
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Little Big Burger
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I would say Killer Burger in the NE, but if you don't want to go that far, try Supernatural Burger at the SW 9th and Washington (Alder) Food cart pod.
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Little Big is a fine fast-food-esq burger.
My favorite fancy-pants burger is at Henry's. Or if you want a queer Cabernet atmosphere Hamburger Mary's makes a damn fine burger.
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Little Big Burger.

Or, if you want to go old-school, Byways Cafe. Man, that used to be the only good burger around downtown, IMHO. They used to be cash-only so go with cash. The interior is pretty great.
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Little Big Burger. The fries are ambrosial. And yeah, the Byways Cafe would be okay too. But go to Little Big Burger.
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Brunch Box. 5th and Stark cart pod.

I think the Little Big Burger is just okay, but their truffle oil fries (standard!) do make up for a lot...
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Is little big burger a sit down place where i can also have beer or is it a take out/fast food set up?
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sit-down, with beer.
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Awesome... Case closed!
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Enjoy! If I weren't swamped at work, I'd totally meet you: you'll be three blocks away. I'm actually going there for lunch tomorrow, heh.
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I am sitting next to the giant elephant sculpture in the park off burnside right now so i probably walked by you working hard
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Ha, I can see that sculpture from my office! The trees are in the way, so I see only the feet, though.
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Totally didn't mean that to sound creepy!
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What? No Violetta? I know you have your burger already, but I needed to complete the record here.
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I do not have my burger already.... It's only 6:15
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Violetta closed a few months back. They were good though.
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Little Bird! (near SW 6th & W Burnside)
Gruner (SW 12th & Alder)

I hope I 'm not late with this important info.
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Yeah, what the hell happened to Violetta? That is indeed a very good burger. I assume their food cart is still in operation?

Their fries were over-truffled, though. Oh what problems I have!
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Seconding Prince_of_Cups: Little Bird or Gruner.
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