Help me find the perfect Docs!
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I finally saved enough cash to buy a pair of Docs...but the style I want is all gone! Can Metafilter track me down a pair?

It took me 5 months, but I finally scraped enough cash together to shell out for a pair of lovely, perfect, amazing black Darcie Doc Martens. But they have stopped making the Darcie brand, and I can't find any left anywhere in my size (UK5, US7).

I know the brown ones are available (and other patterns), but my heart is set on black. My google-fu has failed, and I suspect that there are none left anywhere. Am I right?

I do live in Canada but would be willing to pay for shipping from elseplaces.
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When there is something specific I am looking for, I often set up an ebay alert for it - ebay will email you if/when it becomes available. Worth trying!
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Found a pair here. Dunno about the reputation of the site, but I'm sure a quick Google search will yield reviews.
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Oh god I'm stupid, sorry; I didn't see that seller didn't have black in your size. Ignore my comment.
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I saw a pair of Darcies a few months ago in Montreal, how long ago were they discontinued? They might still be around in some shops, have you checked out the goth/punk stores in your town?
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They're available on UK ebay. No idea of whether the seller is any good. They only send to the UK so you'll need someone to resend them on.
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If you dig animal prints, the Regina is very similar to the Darcie and is available in a UK5.
The official Dr Martens CA site also has two versions of the black Darcie, but in everything but a 5 alas, and a patent version on the UK site that is also out of UK 5s.

Another option: get the brown Darcies and have them dyed black.
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There is (was?) a bunch of shoe shops on Yonge, west side, round about Wellesley that has/had every style of Docs ever.
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I'm headed to the Ex on Monday the 20th. They have a Doc Martin booth selling discontinued/last year models. (Can't remember the building, but it's the same one that does the mops/scents/awful fake flower crap- automotive building maybe?)
I'd be happy to keep an eye out and snag a pair if I find them in your size.
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The wonderful Canadian shoe store, gravitypope, carries the Darcie Diva. It looks fairly close to the Darcie -- I'm not sure if the "diva" designates a different style, though. Nevertheless, looks like a UK5 is available!
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