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I recently bought a used Galaxy sII which works fine. However, it has something on it, a ROM updater (?)called "Blu Kuban", that I can't seem to remove. What is this and how can I get it off my phone?
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Reflash with a factory ROM.
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Is this an international, carrier-free version or a US carrier version? "Blu Kuban" is someone's aftermarket ROM, which may or may not function better than a factory ROM, but I'd advise installing the latest factor ROM for that device.

You can get a ton of information on that at XDA forums, but you'll need the exact model of your phone to proceed safely.
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Looks to be a pretty good ROM - sure you want to ditch it?
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It's a Sprint phone.
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Also in case you didn't know a ROM is a tweaked version of Android, often used to update phones beyond what the carrier has released. So if you want Android 4.1 (Jellybean) but don't want to wait for your carrier to update your phone you can do it yourself by putting a new ROM on the phone. Blu Kuban looks to be an Android 4.0 ROM, (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).
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