Best bespoke shirtmaker: GreenShag or Trend Custom
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[Canadian Bespoke Shirt Filter]: Green Shag vs. Trend Custom Tailors for a true bespoke shirt. Please tell me of your personal, recent experiences with either tailor.

I am looking to have a bespoke shirt (not MTM) made, and after extensive research, I've narrowed down the decision to one of these two tailor shops. I can't find much on GreenShag though--they have one terrible review on Yelp from 2010; the two older reviews from 2010 and earlier that I've found have been glowing.

If the hive mind can relate personal experiences with either of these places, it would be most helpful to my decision. Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly--was it a smooth experience, difficult, other details that you recall?

I have fashion-forward tastes in both cuts (usually European-style are my preference) and fabrics. It seems that either Trend or GreenShag (definitely GreenShag) would be able to accommodate these tastes.
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You should search or ask on A quick search on that site brings up a couple hits, but I didn't investigate further.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestion, mullacc; I will do. Meanwhile, if anyone browsing MeFi has some input, I'd still welcome it.
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