Need recommendation for a lightweight photo editor
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Lightweight Photoshop/Picasa alternatives? Main need is photo filters/effects.

Hello everyone! Recently, a family member asked me "can I get Photoshop?" I use Photoshop quite a bit, and so I inquired what exactly she needed it for. It turned out she had been using Picasa, and enjoyed using the photo filters and effects. She wanted something similar, that gave her more options.

So I'm thinking Photoshop would be overkill. Adding to this is the fact that she is using a relatively underpowered netbook (A Dell Mini 10 running Windows XP).

So essentially, all I really need is a photo editing program that:

* Will run on a netbook
* Includes lots of photo filters and effects
* Is cheap or free

Suggestions very much appreciated!
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Picasa is free and easy, with lots of filters, etc. Not sure why you are lumping it together with Photoshop.

I use Picasa for basic, quick edits, like things I am posting on Facebook.
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Pixlr runs in-the-browser, and does lots of useful stuff. I haven't tried the "retro filters" option, but the photo editor does a surprising percentage of what most users need Photoshop for. Might be a little pokey on a netbook, but I think it ought to work.
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Best answer:
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Response by poster: @virginia_clemm - Sorry, should have been more clear! Picasa does have filters, etc. But she wants something that has *more* filters, with more tweaking options, etc. Maybe also the ability to draw on a picture.

- aj
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Best answer: Seconding Great little (free!) program for photo editing. Lots of filters and tweaking options; easy to use. I use this all the time for work (I'm in a web design-related field).
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Best answer: Regarding Paint.NET (which is what I'd also recommend after Picasa), take a look in the forum where you'll find lots of plugin packs which will give you a tonne of additional filters and effects.
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Phoenix maybe?
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Response by poster: it is. Thanks everyone!
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