Microsoft Office Professional Plus 10 authentication code help, please?
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I bought a Thinkpad through Gumtree (UK) last year and now Microsoft Office Professional Plus 10 is asking me for an authentication code. When I got the computer, windows had just been installed but I don't know if I got a trial version or a corporate version that was imaged onto the machine. Do I need to pay for an authentication code or is there a way to otherwise disable the authentication request message?
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Gumtree probably has an OEM reseller license. call Gumtree, or check your PC. authentication number should be a sticker on your PC. look on the bottom if it's a laptop, or on the side panel if it's a tower. did you get any disks when you bought the PC?
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Most new computers come with the trial edition. After the specified time, you need to buy the program or uninstall it. If you don't want to pay, Apache OpenOffice is a good alternative.
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ohshenandoah: Gumtree is basically the UK's version of Craigslist. So it's unlikely that they have an OEM license or indeed that there's anyone to call at this point.

Unless you got a disc with an authentication code on the sleeve, it's unlikely that you actually own a license for Office. I'd consider yourself ahead of the game to have had it work for a year.

While there are programs floating around that will (purportedly) disable the activation code check, they tend to be rife with rootkits and a good way to turn your computer into a spam zombie. I'd either ditch Microsoft Office and get OpenOffice (or LibreOffice, or whatever they are calling it this week), or I'd purchase a license via a reseller. If you qualify for an educational discount that's probably a good way to get it. If you don't qualify for that but are still cost sensitive, older versions of Office are generally cheaper; anything back to Office 2007 will open modern .docx files without a problem.
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