Looking for Fan Vane-type Anemometer for Scientific Experiment
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I'm looking for a no-frills fan vane turbine type anemometer for use in scientific experiments. Must have way of communicating with computer or DAQ board.

Previously, I was using this product. However, I had several problems adapting it into my Labview program as it used a poor usb to RS232 chip which only wanted to work well with the included software and did not come with documentation on how to connect with any other software (baud rates and such).

Eventually I took apart the fan unit, figured out which wires were carrying the RPM signal and a ground and hooked them into my DAQ board. This worked well for two of the four units, but the rest were damaged beyond use from both regular wear and damages inflicted from my poor soldering skills.

I'm looking for an anemometer that is either well documented in its connection protocols with either RS232 or USB, or can just output voltages to be measured by a DAQ board. Temperature and humidity detection are pluses, but good documentation is most important.

I'm reluctant about RS232 connections because then I'd have to get my own RS232->USB cables which just adds another point of failure. That's why I'm much happier just measuring voltages.
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Response by poster: Also, I'd like to share the pinout and wire assignments with the world about the HD300, but I'm too lazy to set up a blog, where would be a good site where I could keep a sort of worklog with public comments?
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Here is a relatively inexpensive vane anemometer. You don't say your velocity requirements so I cannot guess which of the range is best for you.

All the Omega products appear to be RS-232 where they have an interface at all. It's been my experience you will get almost too much information from them, and their staff support engineers are top-drawer. (No fiscal interest in Omega, I just love 'em.)
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