I know a lot about penises, animal penises that is!
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I'm looking for an old (possibly quite popular) health ed video called something along the lines of: Am I Normal:...

It deals (in a very 70s way) with male puberty and in one awkward scene the main character goes to a zookeeper to ask for advice. In fact, if I recall correctly, this scene was spoofed in an episode of the Simpsons. My friend and I both saw it as kids in elementary school and found it to be hilarious. Anyone know where I could get a copy of this?
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Sounds like something you could find in the Prelinger Archives, but I wasn't able to dig it up with the info you provided.
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Ignore the above. Here it is.
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oohhhhhhhh man.........flasbacks.

how bout "see, guys have baseball bats, and women have catchers mitts"

or the fact he learned abour erections from the guy at the freaking zoo

that video was disturbing/hilarious
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I'm looking for a book on the male penis...
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Oh sweet jesus, I saw that video in high school not seven years ago.

If memory serves correctly, the zookeeper guy actually says to Confused Adolescent Protagonist, "I see a lot of penises in my line of work . . . animal penises, that is!"

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