Blogging Made Difficult
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I'm trying to make my tumblr blogs show up on my Squarespace website. I'm not quite sure how to ask this question, so be gentle!

I noticed that some people have their .com websites and then their tumblrs are at .com/blog or How do I set this up with Squarespace? My .com site is on Squarespace 6, which I'm still figuring out.

I don't want to import my tumblrs, I just want to have some sort of redirect or something to Tumblr itself. How do I set that up?

I'm also concerned that if I did this all of the links to my tumblr will break. Is that going to happen?

I'm reasonably proficient with website-related things but this is for some reason really frustrating me, although I'm sure there must be an easy answer I can't seem to find by googling.
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I don't have the answer but I can tell you that Squarespace support is very good. They respond quickly and will work with you until your issue is resolved. Have you contacted them?
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What you can do is set up a redirect. Tumblr has instructions for custom domains.

It also looks like you can do this with Squarespace, but only with the the form, not the form. The latter is called a "subdomain", which will probably help you in searches.

Tumblr apparently does some magic so that if you do switch to a custom name it doesn't break links, though it can't do that with the form.
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