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How to handle interview + time off for funeral?

I have an internal interview scheduled on Wednesday for a job I'd really like to get. One of the interviewers is my current direct supervisor. I'm prepped for the interview, my suit is pressed, I'm ready to nail it.

My grandfather died this afternoon, and in order to take time off for the wake later this week I'll need to clear it with my supervisor. This leaves me in kind of a quandry. Do I:

a) Put in for the time off tomorrow morning, running the risk of the interview being skewed in her eyes because of my grief?
b) Put in for the time off after the interview, running the risk of inconveniencing her with a shorter lead time and irritating her with non-disclosure of this event?
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Annoying the person who is interviewing you is a lot worse than whatever assumptions they have about the inpact of your grieving process on a interview you are ready for. If you nail the interview, not only do you get "awesome candidate" but also "awesome candidate even under pressure of personal issues."
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a) Put in for the time off tomorrow morning, running the risk of the interview being skewed in her eyes because of my grief?

I don't know your supervisor, but this doesn't seem like the normal reaction to someone putting in for time off to attend a grandparent's funeral. I'd think that b) would be the more likely scenario. BTW most hiring decisions aren't made "on the spot". Nailing the interview and then saying "oh and I need to take tomorrow off" sounds much worse.

Unless you feel that you're not in a position to nail the interview now because of your loss? If so its totally acceptable to ask to do the interview next week.
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Tell your supervisor immediately. That's the reasonable thing to do when you know you need to take time off. When you tell her this, ask about the interview and see how she responds. It may well not be a big deal to reschedule the interview until until next Monday if that would be better for you. Or just say that you're happy to go ahead with the interview on Wednesday, but you're looking to take Thursday/Friday (or whatever) off to be with your family. Is there a reason you think the interview will be "skewed" because she knows your grandfather passed away? Presumably, she'll still be making her recommendations to the selection committee after you've told her, so I don't see how waiting is going to make much of a difference.

Sorry for your loss and best of luck with the interview.
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Nail the interview, and then ask for the time off. Unless your direct supervisor is an inhuman crazy person, she'll understand that you don't control the timing of a death in the family. However, asking for the time off before the interview could skew their perception of your behavior in the interview, and you don't want that.
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running the risk of the interview being skewed in her eyes because of my grief

Honestly, I don't even know what that means. You think she will think less of you because your family member just died? That just doesn't make any sense to me, so I think I must not be understanding. As griphus says, better they know your mindset going into the interview so you can get sympathy points for bravely soldiering on despite your personal situation.
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If you are concerned you won't do you best in the interview because of your grief (or that the interviewer's opinion of you will be skewed), ask for the time off and to postpone the interview a few days.
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Ask for it immediately. It's your grandfather's funeral. Everyone understands family.
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Your supervisor probably likes you, as you're getting an interview for this promotion. And unless this person is some kind of sociopath, they aren't going to hold the fact that your grandfather died against you. Inform your supervisor that your grandfather died, the wake is whatever day and you need time off for it, but that you're still prepared for the interview on Wednesday.
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