Best temp agencies in LA?
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What are the best temp agencies in Los Angeles?

Seems like there are a number of temp agencies in LA but it also seems like many of them may be not worth the time. What are the best ones and offer the most amount of work?
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What kind of job are you looking for? Most decent temp agencies specialize in a certain field.
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If you're looking for administrative work, I had a good experience with Career Group a few years back. I actually used them for job placement, not temping, but they do both, and they got me interviews at great places - both interesting companies and nonprofits. I was happy with the job I got through them, and found them pleasant to work with.
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Artisan Creative did very well by me in the late 1990s. As their name implies their focus is in filling creative roles.
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Kelly Services places people in a number of different fields at several different career levels.
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