Cheap apartment in Tokyo, fast?
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Need to find affordable housing in Tokyo ASAP?

Hi everyone,

Long story short: I was planning on moving into a friend's apartment in Tokyo. It would have been a pretty sweet deal: 4 man for my own room in a nice part of the city (and close to my job, too!) Said person did something pretty **itty to me and is no longer my friend.

I was supposed to move in in 2 weeks.

So I am kind of desperate to find a decent place to live in. I'd prefer to live in my own apartment and not a share house, if possible. But, I'd really prefer to not go over 6 man, as I won't have much money especially at first; the cheapest one I have found so far is a little over 8. I understand that 6 man might be difficult for a 1-person apartment, though...

I really don't care if it is small, by the way.

(I will be working in Minato-ku, by the way. So somewhere around that area would be best, but I'd be up for anything close to the Yamanote line).
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Sakura House (sometimes gets bad reviews) -

and teeny tiny apartments (website in Japanese only) -
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Yeah, I'm going to second Sakura House, just 'cause you can move in quick, on a month to month basis (I think you need to give them a month's notice before you leave), and you can find one at many places relatively close to the Yamanote. I'm positive you can find something for under 4 man too. That'll give you time to breathe and find a place you want to live.

Alternatively, you could post something on the couchsurfing roomshare board stating you're looking for a place.
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Oof, I forgot oak house.
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What does "4 man," "6 man," etc., mean?
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"4 man" means "40,000 yen", ("yon mon en"), or the rough equivalent of $400.
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Thanks, that was stubbornly resistant to Googling!
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My girlfriend is only paying about 60,000 yen/mo in Heiwajima (just south of Shinagawa). You could check around there.

Or is commuting a possibility? You should be able to find something in your price range in Saitama or Chiba.
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