How can I get an item I had to leave in Hong Kong if I'm now in the U.S.A?
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How can I get an item back from Hong Kong if I'm in the U.S?

Recently I traveled to Hong Kong as a student. I had to buy a camera while there to take reference photo's for my class assignments and had planned to give the camera to my mother upon returning home. While I was there, the camera started having technical problems. I took it to the Canon repair center in HK for repairs. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the repairs could be finished. The Canon repair center of Hong Kong will not send or deliver items outside the island. Despite several attempts to contact people I had had contact with at the school, I have heard nothing back.

I am willing to pay international shipping costs, and I have offered to send both of the people I knew the money to send this to me. I'd really like to get it back, otherwise, I can't get any kind of replacement or reimbursement and I'm out a few hundred dollars. Aside from that, and more importantly to me, it was something I had told my mom about and she was pretty excited to finally have an actual camera. (She hasn't had one since her own broke several years ago.)

Does anyone have any ideas about how I could possibly get this camera back? I know that this isn't some kind of scam on behalf of the company or anything like that, I made certain that I purchased the camera from a legit chain in the city, and directly took it to the Canon headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui. I am totally fine with paying shipping costs, and don't mind getting a courier, but I can't speak Cantonese, and I'm not sure what courier services are reputable and reliable in HK. Any ideas guys?
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Check your MeMail!
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does this help:
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If astapasta24 doesn't have an answer, try Mefi Jobs. There are MeFites pretty much everywhere.
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I've been using these people for years:

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