Où sont les audiobooks d'antan?
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Where are the audiobooks in French? There are thousands of books on audible in Spanish, but none in French.

Criteria for my search:

- I want high-quality audio, so free sites are probably out.
- I am not interested in 'learn to speak french' books.
- I'd be interested primarily in classic fiction and poetry from the eighteenth century through the modern day.
- It would be nice if I didn't have to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Are there no publishers of French audiobooks? Is it that the wacky French language police have decreed a name for audiobooks other than 'audiobook' and so my searches are failing for that reason?

I am in the US and I have a PC and IOS devices.
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They're on audible.fr. Despite being in the US you may be able to buy audiobooks from there. I've done that with audible.de. The files should work on iTunes and your iOS devices.
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It appears to work and better still allows an option to buy audiobooks without a subscription, which is nice. I hadn't thought of trying to switch domains to find them - you'd think that audible would direct people doing searches for french audiobooks to the other domain.
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You can also try Books Should Be Free for a selection of classic literature in the public domain that's available in audio/French format.
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Amazon France also has a livres audio section - I would not bet too big on it working outside France - but you may find that you can search for your titles here and then also find them on Amazon.com

>you'd think that audible would direct people doing searches for french audiobooks to the other domain.

It looks like audible is one of those sites - like Google - which re-directs to a domain name matching the appropriate country by default. Here in France it goes to the .fr variant. I suspect this is a case of regional licensing triumphing over ease of use.
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I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "high quality audio". I seem to recall not liking one or two of the librivox recordings I've tried, but for the most part I've enjoyed them.
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I must have been unlucky, because all the free audiobooks I've downloaded sound as if Donald Duck recorded them from inside a closed dumpster. That's what I mean - I don't want terrible sound quality and subpar narration.
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