Find me more Missing Links.
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A recent (for me) music find, The Missing Links. I liked the one tune and so got their album and now I'm hunting for more like it. They sound kind of like The Stooges with a great keyboard player. What else sounds like the Stooges with a great keyboard player? Throw me your obscure and not so obscure 60's garage punk recommendations!
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Best answer: How familiar are you with 60s garage rock?

Sorry if this is too obvious, but the band to start with is The Sonics. Although their keyboards didn't really drive their songs.

Other good bands to check out are The Chocolate Watchband, The Seeds, and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

The problem is that most 60s garage bands only had a handful of decent songs, so it's hard to get entire albums.There are literally thousands of 60s garage rock compilations, though. Nuggets is the most well-known and has the most well-known tracks (96 tears, Wooly Bully, etc.). I like the Back from the Grave Series because they pick the rawest, most punk-rock-sounding tracks. The Pebbles series is also good.

It's not the 60's, but The Mummies fit your request. Very, very raw garage punk sound with lots of keyboards.
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Response by poster: I'm unfamiliar mostly other than the aforementioned Stooges so all of your recommendations are great! The Back from the Grave series sounds exactly up my alley. Raw is good. Of the things you posted The Sonics and The Mummies are the closest to what I'm looking for, more punk/garage than 60's R&B. I guess I like things that are a little further away from their blues ancestry?
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Best answer: ? And The Mysterians are a classic. The Monks are killer. The Nuggets collections are chock-full of garage-rock gems. The Shaggs are unique. Going a little further back, Rhino's Rocking Bones discs are great collections of 1950s juvenile delinquent music. And then, then you are ready for The Residents Present The Third Reich 'n' Roll.
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Best answer: No specific recommendation, bu you should, if you haven't already, check out the Teenage Wasteland radio show on WFMU. Sixties garage punk up the wazoo.
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Response by poster: Some ace recommendations here. The Shaggs! Wow! WIsh there was a way to podcast that Teenage Wasteland show.

Thanks all. Best answers all round!
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