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If my insurance coverage ends after an appointment but before all the paperwork has gone through, will they still cover it?

My current job contract and the health insurance attached to it will be ending August 23rd. I just found out that I have one vision and one dental checkup per year covered under this plan, but I need to mail in the claim myself. (I have the forms, it looks like I mail them in and then the insurance company pays the doctors... is this how it is done? I have never had to do it this way.)

If I can get in to the optometrist and dentist before the end of my coverage will my insurance company still pay for it even though they will most likely actually get around to processing the claim after my coverage ends? and, will it be a huge hassle?
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It's worth calling them to be certain but in my experience this is how it works. They know when your coverage ends and know if you have an appointment during that time.
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As long as the services are rendered during your coverage period and they are covered services under your plan you will be reimbursed/covered. Short answer - yes.
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Check with your HR to make sure that your coverage actually does end on the 23rd, and not the 31st. Most plans are paid at the beginning of the month, and therefore extend to the end of the last month of employment. Obviously, YMMV, but worth checking if you're going crazy trying to cram in appointments in your last weeks on the job.
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AFAIK insurance companies only care about the date of service (i.e., appointment). I switched insurance in January, and was still getting paperwork, co-pay bills, etc. from the old insurance company months later, for services performed on their watch.
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Usually there is a defined period of time after your coverage ends in which to submit claims for things that happened during your coverage period. It may be the same as the time period defined for you to submit claims when your coverage is still active (sometimes a year, sometimes as little as 90 days), or it may be shorter.
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No. The policy termed: any further services paid after will be billed to you.
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