What do cats do when the Greys come for the humans?
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Among narratives about visitations by the "Grey" aliens, are there any that talk about what cats do during the alien encounter? Do they just chill all cool-style? Do they FREAK OUT. Do they meow a lot or do they hiss or do they go hide someplace? Do they even try to bite the aliens (would be v. brave, imo). For the purposes of this question, let's allow both ostensibly fictional narratives and ostensibly real ones.
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I'm so grateful for this question, because it allowed me to discover this gem: "My Day" by Jones. A cat's eye view of Alien."
I'm pretty sure Jonesy would have (and kind of did) flip his shit and found the farthest corner of the ship, wisely, instead of engaging. But the Alien is no Grey. The only other cat v. alien situation I can think of (again, non-grey) is in Sleepwalkers, where cats actually gather around the supernatural creatures (debatable aliens, but I think they are, given their natural shape) in an effort to tear them to pieces at the earliest opportunity.
Geeking complete.
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Another possible role cats could play: Alien collaborators.

Lillian Jackson Braun's Cat Who mysteries, believe it or not, have several plotlines involving reputed aliens/UFOs visiting the area. Koko the cat is implied to somehow know, relate to, or communicate with the aliens in some fashion, although the aliens are never confirmed to be real (much like Koko's psychic gifts, which always remain just barely deniable).
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I feel like if I've seen this in the media, the cat would stereotypically hiss, do the "halloween cat" posture, and run away. To show that the grayliens are weird, threatening, and unwelcome.

But I don't remember specifically ever seeing this.

Also, I think there's a strong possibility that cats are aliens.
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I wish I could remember the SF short story where the protagonist is some sort of spaceship/battleship captain and his gunner is a cat trained to use the ship to hunt aliens. But there you go. The protagonist spends the bulk of the story talking about the "gunner's" hunting prowess and how awesome she is.
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oflinkey, that's The Game of Rat and Dragon. :)
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And here's the story itself on Project Gutenberg.
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Dr. Kary Mullis once had an eerie experience with a "raccoon". It could be that some "cats" have played a similar role. Indeed here's a brief thread about it on nightterrors.org.

Most cats I have known were pretty sanguine when it comes to strangers visiting. I think a visiting alien would have to exude some pheromone that challenged the cat territorially to get a rise out them and that seems unlikely. Cat might just leave the area if a smelly alien arrived. It might not notice a scentless visitor.
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