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I recently got invited to a Game of Thrones party, where we need to dress up as characters from "a Game of Thrones." I have never watched or read the series.

Nor do I intend to anytime soon. I always wait for a series to be over before making the decision whether or not to read/view it, so I can observe the fan reactions and don't waste my time on something that ends up going into a lame tailspin or an ending that makes no sense and doesn't resolve anything.

However, this group of friends always throws pretty awesone parties, and I like dressing to impress for them - especially if it's an outfit that I can reuse later as a potential Halloween costume.

The party isn't till mid-September, so I have time to order things online. Can you please give me some ideas (and associated links) to characters I can dress as and associated articles of clothing/accessories I can buy online to create that look? My budget is $150.
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P.S. - I'm male, and would prefer to dress as a male character.
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Do you care about spoilers (in this tread or at the party)? As I understand it, the books/series are very spoiler-prone.
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Could you describe yourself a bit? Then we can point you in the right direction! That party sounds AMAZING!

Here's the wiki for the series: Three are pictures for the characters.
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*There, not three. I'm an idiot.
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In answer to the questions:

1) I absolutely do not care about spoilers.

2) I am a bald white man with a goatee, fairly muscular. and I stand 6'1". I am okay with getting rid of the goatee or wearing a wig (although it would be helpful if you could send a link to the wig I will need to order and factor that as part of my budget).
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I would dress up like a chair throne made out of cardboard, honestly.
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Bald makes me think Varys, but honestly you could just grow out 3 day scruff, rub dirt on your face, and wear a black cloak and be some guy in the Watch.
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Well, if you shave your goatee, you could be Varys, or your could wear a wig and a fairly stock conan the barbarian costume and be Khal Drogo
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I also thought of Varys, and was just beaten to the post. google varys game of thrones images and decide if you like that look. He's a fun character - just pretend you've already heard of everything before and when someone asks how answer "a little bird of mine told me". And remember you are a eunuch. You'll have the character nailed.
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My suggestion is Decapitated George W. Bush. During the first season, a character was decapitated, and his head was displayed in the town along with several other decapitated heads. One of them looked suspiciously familiar and, as it turns out, was made from a mold of Bush's head which had been left behind from some other production. HBO apologized for the accident and digitally replaced the head on the DVD.

It's the perfect costume for a non-watcher because it's not a real character, so you won't have to know anything. But it is a very funny and well-known story. All you'd need is a Bush mask, a ratty brown wig, a stick, and an all-black outfit to make the rest of your body disappear.
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Davos Seaworth seems like a pretty natural fit given your self-description. You could fashion some kind of trick glove that makes it look like you have four missing fingers, which your friends may find impressive.
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The baldness made me think of Pyat Pree, the warlock from the House of the Undying. He is creepy (always a great feature of costumes, IMO) and it would be easy enough to get his look with eye makeup and a purple matte lipstick. Here's another pic of him: creepy!
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Night's Watch. Old black clothes (boots, cloak) with bits of armor here and there (also black), and a sword. Everything you wear should be black, and it's OK (in fact preferable) if it looks kind of rough and worn out. Rub a bit of dirt into your skin or otherwise make yourself up to look hard done by, and grow some stubble. Or you could be an officer and wear nicer kit (also black, but more "quality") and go cleanshaven.

The Night's Watch are kind of anti-heroes who are a bunch of convicts sent to man a military outpost at the end of the world up in the frozen north of the kingdom. They wear all black, and they serve for life. They're gritty and fun to play and you don't have to know anything about the series to play a convincing one. Just talk about how fucking cold it is up on the Wall and how bad the food is there and how there's nothing to do except freeze your ass off all the time and maybe get killed by Wildlings if you're especially unlucky, and refer to your fellow watchmen as your Sworn Brothers.
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Going as Biter gives you an excuse to not make chit-chat if you so choose.

I think I'm going to keep this suggestion in my back pocket; I don't get invited out very often, but this would at least give me a reason for being such a conversational dead fish.
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You could also go as one of the direwolves (Ghost is the white one, to match your goatee) or one of the dragons.
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Thoros of Myr is bald and tall plus you could get away with red robes and a sword. You will want to have the sword on fire for authenticity so please wait till a few drinks in and have it recorded for Youtube before you light it.
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Also bald (in the books): Stannis Baratheon and Jorah Mormont. You'd basically dress up as a knight for Jorah, a king (probably just a knight + a crown) for Stannis.
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You could also hang a chessboard from your neck or shoulders, sandwich-board-style, and place either photos of or actual dollhouse toilets on each of the appropriate squares. Would also work with a Trivial Pursuit board, Monopoly, Candy Land, etc.

You know... A game... of thrones.

(could also work with mini Kanyes vs. mini Jay-Zs)
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Go as Hodor and carry Bran on your back.
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Oops Picture fail.
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I think Hordor is a brilliant idea. Get a Cabbage Patch Kid (or something in a basket, some sheepskin, and say HOOOORDOOOOR! a lot.

Also, Jorah Mormont if you have any sort of armoury-swordy-bits. A zombie costume would fly if you want to be a white walker (or Reek). Or wear black and be a random (but probably doomed) member of the Night Watch.
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Hordor will be easy too. Gray long sleeve very big shirt, black pants - and a back-pack with a doll in the top of it. And you are done.

Also, no one else will go as Hordor.
Plus, you will have a comic relief catch phrase - "Hordor" "Hordor!" "Hordor?"
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Just throw some rags on and go as "anonymous villager 4".
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ser Ilyn Payne the mute executioner yet. Fits your description, and you wouldn't have to speak to anyone, just glare at them!
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If you say "HORDOR!!" you'll be kicked out of the party. The man's name is H-O-D-O-R.

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Actually, his name is Walder.

But your point is well made.
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Outnerded again.
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More to the point of the question--you could wear white whatever and a gold lame (la-MAY) cloak and be a member of the King's Landing city watch dudes. Or wear all white and a white cloak and be a random member of the Kingsguard.

Or wear whatever colors you want and design a sigil (e.g. stylized animal or other symbol) for yourself and be the Lord of whatever manor you care to invent.

Or just cover yourself and blood and gore.

Or wear a sea-colored robe and carry a wineskin full of saltwater and serve the Drowned God.
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