No picture from HDMI Blu-Ray player to DVI-D with HDCP monitor?
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There's no picture when I connect a Blu-Ray player with HDMI out to a computer monitor with DVI-D with HDCP monitor? I'm assuming I need to change the settings of the Blu-Ray player. I've been able to successfully connect other HDMI devices to this monitor. Ideas?

The Blu-Ray player is a Panasonic DMP-BDT110 using a 1.4 HDMI cable attached to a Samsung Syncmaster 931BW monitor via a DVI-D/HDMI connector. I've tried setting it to both 1080p and 780p with no luck.

Here are the monitor's specs:
Horizontal 31 ~ 81 kHz
Vertical 56 ~ 75 Hz
16.7M Colors (8bit)
Optimum resolution 1440 X 900@60 Hz
Maximum resolution 1440 X 900@75 Hz
Input Signal, Terminated
DVI Compliant Digital RGB,
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What does the onscreen display say?
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It's probably the HDCP on the DVD player. I have this issue in a similar setup (HDMI out to DVI in), but when I finally was able to hook it up HDMI > HDMI, it worked.
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Will this player also play normal DVDs? If so, I would try that to rule out an HDCP incompatibility as the limiting factor.
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Response by poster: The Blu-ray player doesn't display anything. I can connect and display DVDs using an upscaling DVD player via HDMI.
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According to Samsung, that monitor does not support HDCP and so it's unlikely that any Blu-ray player will work with it.
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Response by poster: That monitor's box states HDCP, Rhomboid. And here's a document from Samsung further verifying HDCP.
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Best answer: Samsung is certainly sending out mixed messages, then.

There have been incidents where HDCP keys were compromised and had to be revoked, which would mean that it's possible that it supported HDCP when it was sold but it does not support it currently. Blu-ray players are designed to gather this revocation data online, but I believe it can also be embedded in Blu-ray discs, so even just playing a new release on a player that's not connected to the internet could cause it to refuse to talk to a device with a revoked key. Here's a thread by someone with a Samsung display that had a revoked key.
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