New hot tub - best "natural" additives to keep it bacteria free?
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Recently purchased a hot-tub - don't want to use chlorine / harsh chemicals - what are some more healthy alternatives?

I'm somewhat allergic to chlorine and I want to find something to keep the bacteria down while keeping things running smooth. There are allot of products out there - I dont know where to start and would appreciate recommendations. Thanks!
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My parents use aClaritec Nature 2 system, for both an in-ground pool + spa tub. It's pretty great. The only downside is that it's a bit more expensive than using chlorine.

You should consult with local pool/spa builder to figure out how much it'll set you back.
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I believe the typically recommended way to sanitize a hot tub is to have an ozonator installed and maintain a low concentration of bromine in the water. If you are really allergic to chlorine (specifically), this should take care of it entirely. Alternatively, if you are sensitive to or dislike oxidizers in general, at least the ozonator will dramatically reduce the necessary oxidizer/sanitizer concentration in the water.
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If you're inclined to take a shot at "rolling your own" here's a comprehensive WHO document on water disinfection.
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