Small wireless strobe trigger?
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What can I use to trigger a strobe light or a flash that is small, handheld, wireless, and not too expensive?

I'm doing a performance where I want to be able to trigger a very quick flash of light, from the stage, without using a visible cord. I know there are remote camera flash set-ups, but they require a camera to trigger the flash and they also seem expensive. Is there a way to do this using something I can hide in my hand?

(Possible example of someone doing what I'm talking about: David Parsons' Caught)
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Buy this.

I use it for my product shots. It can be manually triggered. It is awesome. Only requirement is a hot shoe on the strobe, which almost any strobe should have.
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Maybe something like this?
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Could you use a smart phone? Many of the flashlight apps have this built in. not sure if it would be big/bright enough.
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Second the cowboy studio product liked by lattiboy.
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